How To Play Marisa: Move List, Combos, Tips, And More

Street Fighter 6 How to Play Marisa (Move List, Combos, Tips & More)
Street Fighter 6 How to Play Marisa (Move List, Combos, Tips & More) from

How to Play Marisa: Move List, Combos, Tips, and More

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to play Marisa in the year 2023. Marisa is a versatile character in the world of gaming, known for her powerful move list, impressive combos, and unique gameplay mechanics. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player looking to improve your skills, this article will provide you with valuable insights and tips on mastering Marisa’s playstyle.

Move List

Normal Moves

Marisa has a wide range of normal moves that can be used in various situations. Her basic moves include punches, kicks, and special abilities. Some of her key normal moves include:

– Standing Light Punch: A quick jab that can be used to start combos or interrupt opponents.

– Crouching Medium Kick: A low sweep that has good range and can hit opponents who are trying to jump in.

– Jumping Heavy Punch: A powerful aerial attack that can be used to approach opponents from above.

Special Moves

Marisa has several special moves that are unique to her character. These moves often have different properties and can be used to control space, deal damage, or set up combos. Some notable special moves include:

– Magic Missile: Marisa fires a projectile that moves horizontally across the screen. This move can be used to keep opponents at bay and zone them out.

– Illusion Spark: Marisa creates a large explosion around her, dealing significant damage to any nearby opponents. This move is great for punishing opponents who are too close.

– Shooting Star: Marisa dashes forward and delivers a series of quick strikes. This move is useful for closing the gap between you and your opponent and starting a combo.


Combos are an essential part of Marisa’s gameplay. By linking together different moves, you can create devastating combos that deal massive damage to your opponents. Here are a few example combos:

– Light Punch, Light Punch, Crouching Medium Kick, Magic Missile: This combo is great for starting off a match and dealing some quick damage.

– Heavy Punch, Shooting Star, Illusion Spark: This combo is more advanced but can lead to significant damage if executed correctly. It’s a great way to finish off an opponent.

– Crouching Medium Kick, Jumping Heavy Punch, Light Punch, Light Kick, Magic Missile: This combo is a bit more complex but can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. Practice the timing to maximize its effectiveness.

Tips and Strategies

Here are some tips and strategies to help you excel with Marisa:

1. Master her movement: Marisa is a fast character, so make sure to utilize her speed to your advantage. Dash in and out, jump, and sidestep to keep your opponents guessing.

2. Zone with projectiles: Marisa’s Magic Missile is a great tool for controlling space and zoning out opponents. Use it to create distance and force your opponents to approach you on your terms.

3. Punish mistakes: Marisa’s Illusion Spark is an excellent punish tool. If your opponent whiffs a move or leaves themselves open, unleash the Illusion Spark for massive damage.

4. Mix up your combos: Don’t rely on the same combos over and over. Mix them up to keep your opponents guessing and to maximize your damage output.

5. Practice, practice, practice: Like any other character, mastering Marisa takes time and practice. Spend time in training mode to refine your execution and learn new strategies.

Playing as Marisa can be a rewarding experience, thanks to her unique moveset and playstyle. By mastering her move list, combos, and following the tips and strategies mentioned in this article, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a formidable Marisa player. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process of improving your skills!

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