Michael Jordan Siblings: Exploring the lives of Larry Jordan and 3 other siblings of the 6-time NBA champion

NBA legend Michael Jordan is one of the most famous people in the world, but not many people know about his siblings

Michael Jordan is perhaps the greatest player to ever set foot on a basketball court. The 6’6 guard could basically do anything and everything you could dream of. His Airness played 15 seasons in the NBA, winning 6 NBA championships and 6 Finals MVPs during that time.

MJ is one of the most competitive athletes and a lot of credit goes to his upbringing. Michael Jordan was the fourth child in the family and was born in New York City. Shortly after Michael’s birth, the family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina to raise the children in a secure environment.

MJ is the fourth child of five children. He has two older brothers, James R. Jordan Jr. and Larry Jordan, an older sister, Deloris E. Jordan, and a younger sister, Roslyn Jordan. Each of the children had distinct talents, with Larry and Mike being the family athletes. Her mother, Deloris Jordan, used to say: “I’ve always told my kids, ‘You all have special gifts, it’s how you use them that matters.'”

Let’s delve deeper into MJ’s siblings and their lives.

Michael Jordan’s brothers:

James R Jordan Jr.:

Born in 1957, James Ronald Jordan Jr. was named after his father, James Jordan Sr. The eldest son was in Junior ROTC for three years, following in his father’s footsteps. In 1975 he joined the military. There he undertook three sorties in Iraq and rose to the ranks of Command Sergeant Major in the Army’s XVIII Airborne Corps.

Larry Jordan:

Larry Jordan was the third of five children. Born in Wallace, North Carolina in 1962, Larry was the other athletic kid in the family. He used to make life difficult for MJ and helped him grow into the competitor he is today. Larry stopped growing past 5’8″ and when Michael outgrew him that was the end of Larry winning competitions against his brother.

During his docuseries Last Dance, Michael credited Larry a lot. He said,

“I don’t think I would be here from a competitive standpoint without the confrontations with my brother… So my determination to be as good as, if not better than, my brother grew even stronger.”

Michael Jordan’s sisters:

Deloris E Jordan:

Deloris E. Jordan was born in 1959, the second of five children. She is named after her mother, Deloris Jordan. She became an author and in 2001 published her memoir entitled “In My Family’s Shadow: Sister to Sports Phenomenon Michael Jordan.” In the memoir, she called out her father for sexually abusing her when she was younger.

This caused a rift in the family that was later resolved. Deloris had two life-threatening suicide attempts and was divorced twice. She currently resides in Pennsylvania and is a real estate agent, minister, and motivational and inspirational speaker.

Roselyn Jordan:

Rosely Jordan was the youngest of five siblings. Roselyn, born in 1964, is a published author and has also written books with her mother.

Roselyn has three books to her name, Salt in His Shoes, Michael’s Golden Rules, and Did I Tell You Today I Love You?.

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