Pga Vice President Don Rea Jr Appointed To The Board Of Directors Of The Arizona Lodging And Tourism Association

Don Rea Jr., PGA Driven by Vision, Passion & Fun
Don Rea Jr., PGA Driven by Vision, Passion & Fun from

Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association Welcomes Don Rea Jr as Newest Board Member

Phoenix, Arizona – The Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association (ALTA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Don Rea Jr, the Vice President of the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA), to its Board of Directors. This appointment marks a significant milestone for ALTA as it further strengthens its ties with the golfing community and expands its reach in promoting Arizona as a premier tourist destination.

Don Rea Jr’s Impressive Golfing Career

Don Rea Jr is a well-known figure in the golfing world, having dedicated over three decades to the sport. He has been a member of the PGA of America since 1989 and has held various leadership positions within the organization. Rea currently serves as the Vice President of the PGA and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new role on the ALTA Board of Directors.

Throughout his career, Rea has played an instrumental role in the growth and development of golf in Arizona. He has been the Head Golf Professional at Gainey Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale since 1995, where he has tirelessly worked to enhance the golfing experience for members and guests alike. Rea’s dedication to the sport and his passion for promoting Arizona as a golfing destination make him a valuable addition to the ALTA Board.

ALTA’s Mission and Don Rea Jr’s Role

The Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association is a leading organization dedicated to advancing the tourism industry in the state. Its mission is to promote Arizona as a premier travel destination, advocate for the interests of its members, and ensure the continued growth and success of the tourism sector. With Don Rea Jr joining the Board of Directors, ALTA gains a valuable ally in its efforts to showcase the state’s golfing offerings and attract more visitors.

As a member of the ALTA Board, Rea will contribute his expertise and insights to help shape the association’s strategic direction and initiatives. His extensive knowledge of the golfing industry and strong connections within the PGA will be invaluable in identifying opportunities to further enhance Arizona’s reputation as a top golfing destination.

ALTA and Golf Tourism in Arizona

Golf tourism is a thriving sector in Arizona, with the state boasting over 300 golf courses and welcoming millions of golf enthusiasts each year. ALTA plays a crucial role in promoting these courses and ensuring that visitors have an exceptional experience. With Don Rea Jr on board, ALTA can tap into his expertise to develop innovative strategies that will attract even more golfers to Arizona.

Rea’s appointment to the ALTA Board also highlights the strong partnership between the tourism and golf industries in Arizona. By working together, these sectors can create synergy and drive economic growth for the state. Rea’s leadership and industry connections will undoubtedly contribute to fostering collaboration and maximizing the potential of this partnership.

Looking Ahead

With Don Rea Jr’s appointment, the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association is well-positioned to continue its mission of promoting Arizona as a premier travel destination. The addition of a prominent figure from the golfing community to the Board of Directors will undoubtedly strengthen ALTA’s efforts in showcasing the state’s golf courses, attracting more visitors, and boosting the local economy.

The ALTA Board of Directors warmly welcomes Don Rea Jr and looks forward to working with him to further elevate Arizona’s status as a top tourist destination. Together, they will explore new avenues for collaboration and develop innovative strategies to ensure the continued success of the tourism and golf industries in the state.

About the Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association:

The Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association (ALTA) is a non-profit trade association representing the interests of hotels, resorts, and other tourism-related businesses in Arizona. ALTA works to promote and protect the state’s lodging and tourism industry through advocacy, education, and collaboration.

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