Who is Kimmikka? Twitch streamer who got banned on Twitch for having sex on stream is becoming more and more popular

In an incredible turn of events, on August 24, Twitch streamer Kimmikka and her unidentified partner were caught fornicating on the live stream while replying to chat messages.

As expected, the livestream moment was clipped and shared across multiple social media platforms, garnering millions of views before Twitch quickly slammed the ban hammer for seven days.

After the hot incident, Kimmika suddenly experienced a surge in popularity. On her Instagram handle and TikTok, the streamer has managed to gain hundreds of thousands of followers and views in a very short time.

Kimmikka, the Twitch streamer caught having sex on a live broadcast

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Streamers being banned from Twitch for violating the platform’s rules and policies is nothing new. Over the years, we’ve seen many celebrity streamers get banned for showing explicit imagery/content during their live broadcast that violates Amazon’s own platform’s policies on nudity and sexual content.

However, Kimmikka’s incident took the streaming landscape by storm, and several creators, high-profile streams, fans, and followers took the floor to offer their take on the matter.

Since getting her ban lifted from the streaming platform, Kimmikka has changed her username from all her social media names to “kim_mikka_” and has subsequently managed to significantly expand her online presence. For context, during her Aug. 24, 2022 broadcast, viewers noticed a strange expression on her face when she responded to her live chat – fueling intense curiosity in the chat.

During the stream, all that could be seen was the 21-year-old streamer’s face as she tried to be sneaky while chatting and drinking for the entire episode. However, her reflection in the mirror was clearly visible in the background, showing the streamer’s partner right behind her, seemingly engaged in a sexual act.

At one point in the clip, her partner can also be seen behind her. While no explicit body parts were shown in the stream, the facial expressions gave it all away and the live broadcast was shut down immediately after Twitch got wind of the questionable behavior.

However, the short duration of her ban has raised countless questions online, especially considering that Twitch is quite strict with its rules and policies. According to the Purple Platform Community Guidelines, any kind of nudity or sexually explicit content is strictly prohibited.

Kimmikka was unbanned within a week and her main Twitch channel grew rapidly thereafter, with hundreds of viewers flocking to see her return to the platform after the embarrassing moment.

At the time of writing, her Twitch channel has managed to accumulate 10.5k followers in no time. Not only her Twitch handle, her Instagram and her TikTok have gained popularity with over 22.9k and 120k followers respectively.

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