Ff16 Eikons We Would Like To See From Previous Final Fantasy Games

FF16 Eikons We'd Love To See From Previous Final Fantasy Games
FF16 Eikons We'd Love To See From Previous Final Fantasy Games from screenrant.com

FF16 Eikons We Would Like to See from Previous Final Fantasy Games

Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year 2023. As fans eagerly await its release, discussions about the game’s potential eikons, also known as summons or espers, have been circulating. In this article, we’ll explore the eikons from previous Final Fantasy games that we would love to see make a comeback in FF16.

1. Shiva

Shiva, the ice elemental summon, has been a staple in the Final Fantasy series since its inception. Her elegant design and powerful ice-based attacks have made her a fan favorite. It would be incredible to see her return in FF16, perhaps with a revamped appearance and even more devastating abilities.

2. Ifrit

Ifrit, the fire summon, is another iconic eikon that fans would love to see in FF16. Known for his fierce and fiery nature, Ifrit has often been portrayed as a powerful ally to the main characters. His presence in the game would not only add to the visual spectacle but also provide players with a formidable ally in battle.

3. Bahamut

Bahamut, the king of dragons, has appeared in various forms throughout the Final Fantasy series. His awe-inspiring presence and devastating attacks have left a lasting impression on players. It would be amazing to witness Bahamut’s grandeur in FF16, with enhanced graphics and a storyline that delves deeper into his lore.

4. Odin

Odin, the legendary knight with his mighty sword Zantetsuken, has made appearances in multiple Final Fantasy games. His swift and powerful attacks have made him a force to be reckoned with. Seeing Odin in FF16 would undoubtedly bring excitement and anticipation, as players eagerly await his iconic move that can instantly slay enemies.

5. Leviathan

Leviathan, the sea serpent, has often been portrayed as a majestic and awe-inspiring summon in the Final Fantasy series. His ability to control water and unleash devastating tidal waves has made him a fan favorite. In FF16, witnessing Leviathan’s immense power and watching him in battle would be a truly breathtaking experience.

6. Ramuh

Ramuh, the wise old summon known for his thunder-based attacks, has been a recurrent character in Final Fantasy games. His long white beard and lightning-infused staff have become iconic symbols of wisdom and power. Including Ramuh in FF16 would not only pay homage to the franchise’s history but also provide players with a formidable ally in their journey.

7. Diabolos

Diabolos, the dark summon associated with nightmares, has provided players with a sense of mystery and intrigue. His sinister presence and unique abilities have made him a popular choice among players. In FF16, seeing Diabolos emerge from the shadows and wreak havoc on enemies would add an element of darkness and excitement to the game.

8. Alexander

Alexander, the mighty fortress-like summon, has often been portrayed as a symbol of protection and divine power. His appearance in previous Final Fantasy games has always been a spectacle to behold. In FF16, witnessing Alexander’s immense size and witnessing his impenetrable defense in battle would be a sight to remember.

9. Carbuncle

Carbuncle, the adorable and loyal summon, has often been portrayed as a small creature with healing abilities. His presence in Final Fantasy games has provided players with much-needed support and comfort. In FF16, having Carbuncle by the player’s side as a guardian and healer would not only be adorable but also immensely helpful in challenging battles.

10. Phoenix

Phoenix, the mythical bird associated with resurrection and rebirth, has made appearances in several Final Fantasy games. His ability to revive fallen characters and unleash devastating fire attacks has made him a memorable summon. In FF16, witnessing Phoenix rise from the ashes and turn the tides of battle would be a breathtaking and emotional experience.

As Final Fantasy fans eagerly await the release of FF16, the inclusion of beloved eikons from previous games would undoubtedly add to the excitement and nostalgia. Whether it’s the elegant ice queen Shiva or the fiery powerhouse Ifrit, each summon brings its unique abilities and visual spectacle to the game. FF16 has the potential to showcase these iconic eikons in a whole new light, and fans can’t wait to see what the game has in store.

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