“You’ve never said ‘Swap me!’ heard … LeBron has always played the contract.”

LeBron James has taken a backseat amid the furious Kevin Durant frenzy. While KD tries to be traded by the Brooklyn Nets, “King James” is cleverly awaiting his time with the LA Lakers.

Several Superstars have left teams that were considered “their”. Many of these players breached their contracts and forced their way out without giving their teams a single NBA title.

Chris Broussard on The Odd Couple podcast pointed out the difference between LeBron James and several want-away stars in the NBA:

“With all the drama you’ve heard from LeBron teams, ‘I need more help, these guys can’t play, we need a new coach, whatever.’ You’ve never heard, “Trade with me!” And here’s the other thing, LeBron delivered; Cleveland championship Miami championship Lakers championship.”

The Fox Sports analyst added:

“A lot of these other guys aren’t delivering championships and they’re not fulfilling their contracts, their commitments. LeBron always played the contract and then, as a free agent, took his free agent rights and did what he wanted to do.

Ben Simmons, James Harden (twice) and Kevin Durant are just three names of several who failed to deliver a title and left their respective teams. Simmons couldn’t take the Philly heat and forced the team to trade him.

The request came after a horrific run against the Atlanta Hawks that brutally exposed the Australian’s inept offensive shooting.

Ben Simmons made his desire to leave Philadelphia so clear that his Sixers teammates openly speculated what a potential trade would be. @DGreen_14 spoke about the schedule that led to the Simmons-Harden deal with @ryenarussillo: https://t.co/l4WyM9TQbQ

Harden forced himself out of the Houston Rockets to join the Brooklyn Nets’ super team with KD and Kyrie Irving. Brooklyn gave up a bunch of picks to acquire The Beard. For the second time in two years, the former MVP asked for a change of scenery.

James Harden demanded that the #rockets traded him for a ‘contender’, was late for training camp, has had a practice session, shootaround and preseason game and still hasn’t spoken to the media. face of the franchise.

Prior to this summer, Kevin Durant fulfilled all of his contracts and chose to carry the team’s burden on his back. He did it with the OKC Thunder and then with the Brooklyn Nets for his first three years. That suddenly changed when he asked to be traded after leading the team to just one playoff series win.

LeBron James has won all over the NBA

LeBron James has played in three franchises and won each of them at least one NBA title. [Photo: Bleacher Report]
LeBron James has played in three franchises and won each of them at least one NBA title. [Photo: Bleacher Report]

LeBron James has been known to twist the arm of the team he plays for to maximize his championship chances. He carefully maneuvered the LA Lakers to pledge the future to acquire Anthony Davis. Although guilty of such moves, he can never be accused of breaching his contracts.

This ugly, awkward situation with Anthony Davis (created by LeBron James, Klutch Sports & LA Lakers) created a very difficult situation for the New Orleans Pelicans. But she gave Gayle Benson a tremendous opportunity. rebuild from top to bottom. https://t.co/tHAN1LykbR

Aside from honoring his contractual obligations, LeBron James has won at least a single NBA championship in every franchise he has played in. “King James” fulfilled his promise of winning a title for Cleveland. He also brought two to Miami and gave the Lakers their 18th crown.

10 years ago today, LeBron James won his first NBA championship and the Miami Heat won their second with a 121-106 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. James has won three titles since 2013 with the Heat, 2016 with the Cleveland Cavaliers and 2020 with the Los Angeles Lakers. https://t.co/OmbWLRpSPK

If LeBron James decides to play out his contract with the Lakers, he has every right as an unrestricted free agent to do as he pleases. Along the way, he whined about the roster, fulfilled his contract and delivered a title to the Lakers.

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