Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Fusion Arts Explained | combat tips

There are many pieces that make up the intricate puzzle Xenoblade Chronicles 3‘s fight. It’s a very detailed, complicated system that can be daunting for newcomers to the series. Because of this, many have found that it’s best to learn game mechanics in parts and then later put them all together.

Martial arts are a key mechanic when it comes to attacking enemies, however Xenoblade Chronicles 3 allows the player to fuse selected arts together to create new ones called Fusion Arts. As important as they are to success in the game, they are lost during the many hours of tutorial that players must go through early in the game. If you’re wondering how Fusion Arts works, look no further. Check out the guide below to learn everything you need to know about Fusion Arts.

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How to use Fusion Arts

As described above, Fusion Arts combine two Arts to create a new, powerful attack. Fusion Arts will unlock halfway through Xenoblade 3‘s second chapter after gaining the ability to switch character classes. At its core, Fusion Arts combine a class art (the arts associated with the X, Y, and B buttons, which change based on what class your current character is playing) with a master art (the arts associated with the top, right and right buttons are assigned). Down buttons on the D-Pad that change based on what classes your current character has mastered/earned ranks in.)

In order to perform a Fusion Art, you must have both the Master Art and the Class Art fully charged and ready to use. You can only fuse artworks that are in the same position in the UI elements, which means that when you first access Fusion Arts, you can only fuse your master artwork with the class artwork that is in the top slot. If you get more Master Art slots, you can also merge with the middle and bottom slots.

Once both arts are ready, hold ZL and then press the appropriate art’s button (for those that only have one master art slot, it’s always the X button). After that, you’ll see a bolt of lightning flash across your character, and they’ll perform an attack that combines the abilities of both moves. Because their powers combine, they can pull off some pretty interesting attacks, so play around and experiment.

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