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World Cup Bike Check: David Valero's Winning Bh Lynx Race Evo By Serranos With Chaoyang Tires

World Cup Bike Check David Valero racewinning Serranos' BH Lynx Race
World Cup Bike Check David Valero racewinning Serranos' BH Lynx Race from

In the 2023 World Cup, David Valero emerged as the champion, showcasing his exceptional skills and using the remarkable BH Lynx Race Evo bike by Serranos. This article will provide a detailed bike check of Valero’s winning machine, focusing on its specifications, features, and the choice of Chaoyang tires that played a crucial role in his victory.

BH Lynx Race Evo: A Winning Machine

The BH Lynx Race Evo is a top-of-the-line cross-country mountain bike, designed to deliver maximum performance on challenging terrains. This full-suspension bike offers exceptional control, speed, and agility, making it the perfect choice for professional riders like Valero.

Frame and Suspension

The Lynx Race Evo features a lightweight carbon frame that ensures optimal power transfer and durability. Its advanced suspension system, with a Fox Float 32 fork and a Fox Float DPS shock, absorbs bumps and impacts, providing a smooth and controlled ride even on rough trails.

Drivetrain and Gearing

Valero’s winning BH Lynx Race Evo is equipped with a high-performance Shimano XTR drivetrain, known for its precise shifting and reliability. The 1×12 gear setup not only reduces weight but also offers a wide range of gears to tackle steep climbs and fast descents with ease.

Braking and Control

The bike is equipped with Shimano XTR hydraulic disc brakes, ensuring powerful and consistent stopping power in all weather conditions. The brakes offer excellent modulation, allowing Valero to maintain control and confidently navigate technical sections of the racecourse.

Wheels and Tires

One of the standout features of Valero’s BH Lynx Race Evo is his choice of Chaoyang tires. The Chaoyang brand is known for its high-quality and performance-oriented tires, specifically designed for off-road cycling. Valero opted for the Falcon Pro model, which offers low rolling resistance, excellent grip, and enhanced puncture protection, crucial for a demanding race like the World Cup.

Chaoyang Falcon Pro Tires: The Winning Choice

The Chaoyang Falcon Pro tires are designed for professional riders who require maximum performance and reliability. These tubeless-ready tires feature a high-quality compound that balances grip and rolling resistance, allowing Valero to maintain speed without compromising control.

Tread Pattern and Grip

The Falcon Pro tires have an aggressive tread pattern with ramped knobs, providing exceptional grip on various terrains, including loose dirt, rocks, and roots. This ensures Valero could confidently tackle technical sections and maintain momentum throughout the race.

Puncture Protection

For a race as demanding as the World Cup, punctures can be a major setback. However, Valero’s choice of Chaoyang Falcon Pro tires with enhanced puncture protection allowed him to ride with confidence, knowing that his tires could withstand sharp rocks and thorns without compromising performance.

Weight and Rolling Resistance

The Falcon Pro tires are impressively lightweight, reducing rotational weight and improving acceleration. Additionally, their low rolling resistance enables Valero to maintain higher speeds with less effort, giving him a competitive edge on the racecourse.

The Winning Combination

David Valero’s winning BH Lynx Race Evo, equipped with Chaoyang Falcon Pro tires, proved to be the perfect combination for the intense World Cup race. The bike’s advanced features, coupled with the exceptional performance of the tires, allowed Valero to conquer challenging terrains, outperform his competitors, and secure his victory.

The BH Lynx Race Evo by Serranos, with its top-of-the-line components and the winning choice of Chaoyang Falcon Pro tires, played a significant role in David Valero’s success at the 2023 World Cup. This bike check highlights the exceptional features of Valero’s winning machine and emphasizes the importance of tire choice in professional mountain biking competitions.

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