wordle: Today’s Wordle #413: Here are tips, hints, answers to the August 6 riddle

Wordle is a game where a player has to find a five letter word. The player has six attempts to solve the puzzle. The game is color coded to help the player figure out if a letter or alphabet is present or not in the word.

In general, each day the Wordle puzzle presents a commonly used five-letter word that people try to guess in a few tries. Sometimes there are twists and turns that make players guess the word, making it a tough nut to crack.

The Wordle users who can solve it use the social media platforms like WhatsApp and Twitter to flaunt their results. If you’re a Worldle enthusiast and you’re having a hard time solving today’s riddle #413 for August 6th, then read on to find a few clues.

Here are some hints that will help you crack Wordle Puzzle #413 for August 6th:

1) The initial letter for Wordle #413 is A.

2) The letter L appears somewhere in the word.

3) There are two vowels in today’s puzzle.

4) This word in Wordle #413 ends with the letter N.

5) This word means a creature from another planet.

6) One of the meanings is a person who is an illegal citizen.

7) When used as an adjective, this word means a person belonging to another group or country or race.

8) It can also mean something unknown or strange.

The answer for today’s August 6 wordle is:

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