Women and non-Metro gamers are doubling Glance Gaming’s growth

: look gaming, Part of consumer internet company Glance has more than doubled its active user base in three quarters, revealed the Glance Gaming Trends Report, 2022. According to the report, the number of monthly active users on the platform increased by 116% from 30 million in early January 2022 to 65 million on March 31St October 2022, making it one of the largest and widest-reaching gaming and game streaming destinations in the country. The growth was largely driven by the Acceptance of gambling among increasingly diverse demographic groupsfound the report.

Women made up almost 47% of Glance Gaming’s user base, while Non-Metro consumers made up 73% from the same. This suggests that the gambling market is expanding rapidly across the length and breadth of the country and across multiple demographics. Gaming has too Broken age barriers on the platform, with interest in gaming and game streaming coming from a wide range of ages. Older generations show a greater propensity to play casual games – 27% of users in the 45-54 age group and 19% in the 55+ age group play this category of games. On the other hand, users in the 18-24 age group showed a strong preference for watching live game streams on Glance Gaming. 47% of the live stream viewers came from this age group.

Glance Gaming allows consumers to discover 400+ causal games, pro gaming, tournaments and live game streams, among others, right on the Android smartphone lock screen. In this way, gaming becomes far more accessible to a wide audience. This ease of discovery was one of the main reasons for the acceptance of games by different groups on Glance Gaming. The ability to play these games without downloading It was also a key factor, as it allows consumers to gamble with minimal storage and data requirements, the report said.

“We see gaming as one of the most powerful and educational forms of entertainment available today. Glance strives to bring a daily dose of premium gaming experiences to people on their lock screens, and in doing so we are expanding the gaming user base worldwide.” said Bikash Chowdhury, chief marketing officer at Glance. “The insights in our Glance Gaming Trends Report, 2022 validate the fact that consumers across the spectrum love the Glance Gaming offering, which offers fun, exciting and engaging games backed by ease of discovery and simplified consumption.” he added.

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