“Without TIPS, Gastro will have an even bigger employee crunch”

Service included or not? say service staff

“Without TIPS, there will be an even greater shortage of skilled workers in the catering trade”

In Switzerland, the service is regulated by law. Hardly anyone can stand that. Most people tip at least occasionally. Service workers report that they could hardly survive without help.

According to a survey by the ETH economic research center KOF, wages in the catering trade are growing at an above-average rate: cooks and service staff can expect an increase of 4.4 percent next year.

Nevertheless, wages in the catering industry remain low. Therefore, paying the bills at restaurants is considered good etiquette for most people. Blick reader and bartender Pierre Gaspard (31) can only agree: “Without a tip, it would be impossible to survive.” The trained chef works as a bartender at the Hotel Schweizerhof in Lenzerheide gr. “Tips make up a quarter of my salary,” he calculates.

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