Within the NBA, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal have a fit of laughter roasting the Lakers and Bucks for $6.99

During a 2017 episode of TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” the award-winning panel hilariously toasted the LA Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks.

One of the most popular post-game shows in the US, Inside the NBA never fails to entertain its fans. The award-winning show features an all-star cast that includes Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal. The TNT program fundamentally changed the world of sports broadcasting.

The show’s frankness makes it a worthwhile watch, whether it’s the constant bickering between The Chuckster and Shaq, with The Jet as the go-between, or the veteran host Ernie Johnson doing an impeccable job. The show implicates Barkley’s quote about not taking yourself fully seriously.

Clips from the show generate millions of views across platforms, one such segment included the show’s well-regarded panel satirizing a 2017 game between the Lakers and Bucks. At the time, the NBA was heavily promoting their single-game league pass edition, which costs $6.99.

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However, the minds behind the marketing campaign didn’t make the best decision by having a Lakers vs. Bucks game as the cover, which weren’t the most popular teams at the time.

The cast of Inside the NBA can’t take care of the Lakers vs. Bucks game, which costs $6.99.

Anyone familiar with the show Inside the NBA is aware of the free-flowing format of the program. None of the panellists hesitate to voice their opinions, even if it means dropping truth bombs. At the same time, they know how to have fun.

In an old clip from the show, host Ernie and his crew couldn’t help but laugh while promoting a $6.99 game between the Lakers and Bucks.

“For $6.99 you can watch the LA Lakers take on the Milwaukee Bucks tomorrow night on your computer, tablet or phone,” host Ernie said, and Barkley couldn’t resist learning more about the offer.

“Man,” the Suns MVP said as Johnson read the promotion. “This should be more of a $1.99 game.”

“C’mon man, you’re ripping off all the people!” Barkley continued. “If you all pay $6.99 for this game, you’re all going to be screwed!”

Moderator Ernie and co-panelist Shaq would also weigh in.

“I could think of a lot of things I could do for $6.99 without the Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks,” Ernie said.

The Big Diesel added to the roasting session by saying, “Save your money, America.”

“That should be at the dollar store,” Chuck said as the conversation continued. “I haven’t seen that since we stole everything from the Indians!”

While letting viewers see their favorite teams with a single pass offer was a great initiative from the marketing team, having the Lakers and Bucks as the face of his campaign wasn’t the best idea at the time.

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