Wilson: “We’re going to have a really good football team”

Russell Wilson really likes his new offense.

“There were touchdowns all over the field. I think so,” the new QB responded to a question about his thoughts on offense after Monday’s OTA work.

“I think with the offensive lineup up front and the guys that we have and the playmakers at the receiver position and the guys at the tight end position,” he added, noting rookie Greg Dulcich’s knowledge of the game , while also calling Javonte Williams a “world-class running back” and noting that Melvin Gordon has “a knack” for getting into the end zone. “The energy of what we do is really spectacular.”

And of course he didn’t leave out his pass-catching players.

“It’s great to see guys like Jerry Jeudy and of course Courtland Sutton and Tim Patrick. These guys are so brilliant,” he said, adding that Andrew Beck, Eric Saubert, Montrell Washington and Dulcich did extra work with him earlier in the day.

“The boys are becoming more open and doing plays. The guys have been doing theater everywhere today,” he added. “Touchdown after touchdown and making plays and great catches.”

Part of that is a direct result of a strong work ethic—even before Wilson came to town. And No. 3 highlighted it when asked what surprised him about his top three receivers.

Not really. It’s further confirmation of why they’re widely considered one of the top three wide receiver trios in the league.

“It’s actually the understanding of the game and how they sit at the front of the room and ask questions. You’re constantly learning. ‘Hey, if I did this, what would you think of this and that?’” Wilson remarked. “What I really admire is their work ethic in the weight room. It’s a small thing, but how they get there early and how they are ready to go every day.

But it’s not just about this new offense for him. Wilson is also pretty keen on his new defense.

“The defense also made good plays,” he said, later noting that it “looked incredible”.

Wilson sees this Denver Broncos roster as a complete and competitive team – not just offensively and certainly not just defensively.

“It was such a competitive practice. It felt like a championship week in OTA [No.] 1. That’s a good feeling,” he said. “We’re going to have a really good football team and that’s exciting.”

To the delight of all Broncos fans, Wilson definitely brought in the best QB mentor he could find on the street, who also happens to be a Hall of Famer.

“What Peyton and I both love is football. We can watch football together all day,” Wilson said. “It’s fun to be in this position with arguably the greatest player in the world that has ever played. Being able to study and ask questions and vice versa and talk about football – he asks me questions and vice versa. That’s the fun part. They have [Pro Football Hall of Fame QB] John Elway here too. You have two of the biggest guys the game can play right in your midst.”

Wilson isn’t the first Broncos quarterback to seek out Manning’s gargantuan football IQ since the HOFer left the NFL. But he’s certainly the only one really taking advantage of the information.

Plus, he clearly has the same attitude when it comes to just getting work done.

“You have to set the tone every day. There’s no other way,” Wilson said. “If you want to win, and if you want to win everything and be the best in the world as a team and everything else, there’s no other option. We have to do that.”

And just like Manning and Elway, winning is a way of life for Wilson.

“It’s a wild obsession every day,” he added. “You also have to enjoy the moments to push the envelope and not fall off the edge. [It’s] the ability to work so hard that you’re gassed by the end of practice but can take your time and recover and just enjoy the process of being able to play this game. [It’s] the ability to get extra work before and after your workout and get extra work in the weight room and to take care of your mind, body and spirit. It’s bigger than just being able to compete. It’s also the ability to understand the habits of winning.”

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