Why LiveCasino.io is the best choice to multiply your crypto holdings

The first online crypto casino was launched in 2014. It was the start of a revolution in the industry as these platforms were able to serve global demand for the first time. Thousands of other crypto casinos were deployed in the coming years as more and more people entered the crypto space.

Among them, LiveCasino.io stands out for its commitment to its users and the quality of its infrastructure. This platform offers one of the best online gambling experiences as it simplifies the signup process and offers a user-friendly interface.

LiveCasino.io is a great option for both novice and experienced players and has more than 15 years of experience. Its longevity and its gambling license granted by the Curacao government provide users with two additional levels of confidence in their services.

The platform is designed to offer the users a fair and secure system from the registration process, available with minimal information requirements or through a social media account, through the deposits and withdrawals to the operation of the online games.

LiveCasino.io gives priority to its users and has created stable versions of its platform for desktop, mobile and tables. These benefits aim to take the player from beginner to expert in a short period of time and provide the best experience for VIP customers.

The best crypto casino online support

With this in mind, LiveCasino.io offers 24/7 customer support with support in multiple languages ​​for each of its users. Players are taken care of by trained staff to resolve any issues related to the platform in a short time.

Unlike its competitors, where it could take days or weeks for a customer support ticker to be addressed by the appropriate staff, LiveCasino.io emphasized the attentiveness of its users. The platform is part of the overall design to provide the best experience and has a full help page.

In it, users have access to additional information about depositing funds, general information about their accounts, and information about crypto transactions. This contributes to LiveCasino.io’s goal of offering a fair and transparent service that includes the necessary information for cryptocurrency transactions and setting up a crypto wallet when players are unfamiliar with the system.

In addition, players have access to live chat or a dedicated email address to send and receive further assistance. LiveCasino.io has published the information about its gambling license, privacy, anti-money laundering and know-your-customer (KYC) policy and made it available to all players.

Use of LiveCasino.io bonuses

LiveCasino.io offers players the opportunity to earn additional rewards simply by playing their favorite games such as Baccarat, Roulette, BlackJack and others. When a player earns a prize in their preferred cryptocurrency, they can benefit from future price increases.

Even if players hold only a small percentage of their prize in Bitcoin, Litecoin, or a cryptocurrency of their choice, they can see it multiply over time. In 2020, Bitcoin’s price surged more than 10-fold, climbing from a yearly low of around $3,500 to an all-time high of $69,000.

Therefore, playing at LiveCasino.io can be a valuable tool for players looking to increase their crypto holdings. On top of that, Livecasino.io offers users instant access to their loyalty program which offers bonuses right from the start.

LiveCasino.io will soon allow users to combine their bonuses with additional rewards for referring new users or by depositing a certain amount in cryptocurrency. One thing seems certain, the future of online gaming will be powered by crypto and the underlying technology, and LiveCasino.io is making it friendlier, more accessible and fairer for all players regardless of their level of experience.

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