Why is Kevin Hart trending? Hilarious memes are erupting on Twitter as the actor’s funny, serious pictures go viral

Kevin Hart recently became the internet’s most popular stress buster after several memes of the comedian featuring his stills were trending on the platform.

Most of these are “funny but serious” pictures of Hart. Seeing the same thing, Kevin also asked questions and tweeted on social media, saying:

“Can someone tell me why I’m trending… I get endless memes sent to my frigging phone by a bunch of my stupid friends. WTF continues???? I have to admit they are bloody funny.”

Can someone tell me why I’m trending… I get endless memes sent to my fucking phone by a bunch of my dumb friends WTF continues???? I have to admit they are bloody funny but instagram.com/p/CpLpxQDPRhf/…

He later made another tweet showing his ignorance of the memes, saying:

“That’s so damn true…I have no idea what’s going on.”

Hart polled social media users about the memes circulating on social media. (Image via Twitter)

It remains unclear who started this latest trend of Kevin Hart memes, but netizens are clearly having a gala time sharing them.

‘You when you saw you were trending’: Social media users share hilarious Kevin Hart memes

From reacting to Kevin Hart’s recent tweet asking the same question, to netizens making their own memes using the comedian’s pictures, social media users got creative and posted some hilarious memes about Hart.

Others also shared what his facial expression would have been like when he found out he was trending.

mfw when mfs tries to explain why Kevin Hart is trending

I like every single tweet from Kevin Hart

I’m trying to come up with my own Kevin Hart meme

kevin hart to see who started this trend of his

Kevin Hart is trying to figure out why he has a trending meme

I watch everyone take all the good Kevin Hart memes

I sit here all day laughing at you Kevin Hart memes

Kevin Hart is trying to understand why he’s trending

I stare at my phone waiting for my Kevin Hart memes to explode

when I cheat on a test and the teacher looks at me

Though neither Kevin nor the world would understand why the comedian is trending, his name has been tweeted more than 40,000 times in just 24 hours, according to multiple reports.

Did Kevin Hart Trigger All The Memes When He Announced His 2023 Comedy Tour?

The comedian is set to kick off his comedy world tour on March 19, 2023 from Honolulu. The tour lasts until June 10, 2023 and will also see him travel to New Zealand. However, that wasn’t the reason why all the memes started floating on the platform as the announcement of his tour came a long time ago.

I’m scrolling down Twitter and watching you guys make Kevin Hart memes while debating whether to make one:

From Auckland to Canada to the UK and the Netherlands, Hart will be performing at various venues between March and June 2023. In 2022 alone, he has done over 88 comedy shows across the country.

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