Why is diversifying a crypto portfolio so important?

By Edul Patel

Investors typically aim to minimize risk and maximize rewards, regardless of the asset class — whether it’s stocks, mutual funds, or even cryptocurrencies. An effective approach to achieving better risk-adjusted returns is to diversify your investment portfolio. This strategy is particularly important for cryptocurrencies as they are very volatile compared to other asset classes.

What is diversification?

Diversification means spreading your investments across different assets or markets rather than putting all your eggs in one basket. By diversifying your investments, you can reduce the risk of market downturns. For example, if you have Rs 10,000 to invest and need to put it all in bitcoin, you could lose it all if the market crashes. However, if you invest smaller amounts in different cryptocurrencies, e.g. B. 5,000 rupees in Bitcoin, 2,000 rupees in Ethereum, 2,000 rupees in a smart contract and 1,000 rupees in an NFT, you can reduce the risk of losing everything. Of course, this is just an example and by no means a real portfolio, this strategy is called diversification. Diversification should be done between different asset classes and within the same asset class.

Why should you diversify your crypto portfolio?

Due to the maturity phase of development, it is crucial to diversify the cryptocurrency. As a result, it is volatile compared to other traditional assets until it finds widespread adoption. There are several reasons why diversification is needed, including:

Risk reduction: It can help reduce exposure to a particular asset or market, thereby reducing risk. When a cryptocurrency underperforms, a diversified portfolio can minimize the potential for significant losses. Essentially, diversification is an effective risk mitigation strategy.

New ways to capitalize: Investing in a variety of cryptocurrencies opens up a variety of investment opportunities for you to take advantage of. Each cryptocurrency has unique features and benefits, and a diversified portfolio ensures you can take advantage of these opportunities.

Increases liquidity: Diversifying your portfolio can also increase your liquidity as you are less likely to hold a significant amount of a single cryptocurrency that may be illiquid or difficult to sell.

Volatility Reduction: The cryptocurrency market can be volatile, with sudden price fluctuations that can be difficult to predict. Diversifying your portfolio can help reduce the overall volatility of your investments and make it easier to weather market fluctuations.

Long-term growth potential: Diversification also allows you to take a long-term view of your investments as it reduces the impact of short-term market movements. By holding a diverse supply of cryptocurrencies, you can capitalize on the potential long-term growth of the crypto market.

What are the disadvantages of diversification?

While diversifying a crypto portfolio can offer various benefits, there are also some potential downsides.

Overdiversification: Holding too many cryptocurrencies in your portfolio can lead to over-diversification, leading to subpar returns. It can also make tracking each asset’s performance difficult and result in missed opportunities.

Difficulties in tracking investments: When you have a lot of cryptocurrencies in your portfolio, it can be difficult to keep track of all your assets, including their respective risks and performance.

Higher transaction costs: Investing in a variety of cryptocurrencies can come with higher transaction costs such as trading fees and taxes. These costs can impact your returns, especially if you trade frequently. However, if you are one of the long-term investors, this would not concern you!


In summary, diversification is key when it comes to investing in cryptocurrencies. The volatility of the cryptocurrency market coupled with its early stage of development makes it imperative to spread risk and take advantage of multiple investment opportunities. Overall, diversification is a crucial strategy for maximizing the potential for success in the cryptocurrency market. However, don’t forget it do your research before you decide to invest.

The author is co-founder and CEO of Mudrex

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