Why Hades 2 is the very first Supergiant Games sequel

Hades 2 is the first-ever sequel from Supergiant Games and marks a new direction for the team as they continue to build on the success of the original.

Supergiant Games, known for critically acclaimed titles such as bastion and transistor, have never released a sequel to any of their games. But with the announcement of hades 2the studio is finally breaking this series and delivering a sequel to their popular roguelike, Hades. While some players will want a new title from the studio, more players will likely embrace one hades 2 considering the quality gameplay and story of its predecessor.

One reason for this decision is the success of the original game. Hades was released in Early Access in 2018 and quickly gained a loyal following thanks to its immersive gameplay, engaging narrative and charismatic characters from Greek mythology. As the game continued to receive updates and improvements, it garnered even more praise and even won multiple awards including Game of the Year at the Game Awards 2020. This level of success and admiration from players is likely what inspired the Supergiant Games team to keep going the story and build on the strong foundation she laid with the first game.


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A sequel offers a great opportunity to expand on every part of the original Hades


Another reason for the development of hades 2 is the potential to expand the game’s universe and explore new gameplay mechanics. In the first game, players faced off against Zagreus, the son of Hades, as he tried to escape from the underworld and get to the surface. However, there is still so much untapped potential in Greek mythology, and a sequel offers an opportunity to delve deeper into the lore and introduce new characters and settings. It’s no secret that the roguelike genre allows for endless experimentation and variation, and a sequel gives the team at Supergiant Games the opportunity to experiment with new mechanics and gameplay elements to keep the experience fresh and exciting for players.

Additionally, the success of the first game allowed for the creation of a dedicated community of gamers hungry for more content. Those fans were probably craving for a sequel, and the team at Supergiant Games likely wanted to grant that wish. By letting go hades 2, they can meet the demands of their dedicated fan base while introducing the game to new audiences and potentially gaining even more supporters. Considering how popular roguelikes and roguelites are these days, making a sequel to an already popular classic like Hades might be the best move financially.

Creating Hades 2 allows for many fixes and tweaks to the Greek roguelike formula

Hades 2 enhancement feature

In addition, the development of a sequel allows Supergiant Games to improve any shortcomings or criticisms of the first game. While Hades Praised for its engaging gameplay and compelling narrative, some players may have had issues with certain mechanics or aspects of the roguelike action. With a sequel, the team at Supergiant Games can address these criticisms and create a more polished and refined experience for players. The developers can only make so many changes and additions Hades without ruining the game’s current gameplay loop and progression structure.

The development of hades 2 is a natural progression for Supergiant Games due to the success of the first game, the potential to expand the game universe and game mechanics, the engaged fanbase, and the opportunity to address criticism of the first game. hades 2 allows Supergiant Games to build on its already impressive foundation and offer players an even more immersive and satisfying experience. Ultimately, time will tell if hades 2 lives up to the standards the developers set with their previous titles.

hades 2 is in development, Early Access is planned for 2023.

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