Why December 8th and 15th could be bigger than normal days for the Epic Games Store

While every Thursday is important to the Epic Games Store, December 8th and 15th could stand out this year for the same reason.

For one reason or another, Thursday is an important day on the Epic game store, as this is the chosen day to unveil/release new free games for the service. This reliability benefits the free games selection on the Epic Games Store in more ways than one, but perhaps most importantly, breaking this pattern also generates an incredible amount of hype. The storefront rarely does this, but it likely will again soon.

In fact, the Epic Games Store will be giving away “mystery games” sometime early in the year and throughout December 2022 rather than fully revealing them. This works but is more important in December 2022 as the Epic Games Store tends to release one mystery game each day before reverting to its default programming. And that is why December 8th and/or December 15th are important dates as these dates are likely to launch the Epic Games Store free mystery game promotion for December 2022.


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Epic Games Store: start of the holidays

Epic Games Store free games available

Reliable leaker Billbil-kun has stated that the mystery game promotion is set to begin on the Epic Games Store sometime between December 15th and January 10th and will likely offer fans a new game every day for up to 15 days. 15 games have been given away through this service in the past few years and while it’s currently unknown what the plan is, there has been something like that for the past several years NBA, Grand Theft Auto, and more adorn the service. In any case, it would also make sense for the Epic Games Store to take advantage of the holidays and release these games earlier than January 10th. Last year, the Epic Games Store began giving away games on December 16th, ending on December 30th and last through January 6th. Something very similar is likely to happen.

With that in mind, it’s highly likely that the Epic Games Store will be released Saints Row 4 and Wildcat Gun Machine on December 8, the game it replaces is identified only by a wrapped gift. The Epic Games Store will likely confirm its event on December 8th, and once December 15th is over, fans can expect releases any day as part of this event. Now, if EGS is pushing it back a bit, it’s possible that December 15th would mark the announcement of the giveaway (meaning it would start on December 22nd), but starting three days before Christmas doesn’t quite add up .

Any way you look at it, December 8th and/or December 15th look set to be big days for the Epic Games Store.

Epic game store Users get a handful of games each month.

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