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Why Aren't Chicharito Hernandez And Carlos Vela Part Of The Mexico National Team?

Why Chicharito and Carlos Vela won't get called up by Mexico Los
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In recent years, Mexican soccer fans have been left wondering why two of their most talented players, Chicharito Hernandez and Carlos Vela, are not part of the Mexico national team. Both players have achieved success at the club level and have proven themselves to be top-class strikers. However, their absence from the national team has raised questions and sparked debates among fans and experts alike.

Chicharito Hernandez

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez rose to prominence during his time at Manchester United, where he became one of the most lethal finishers in the Premier League. He also had successful spells at Real Madrid and West Ham United. Despite his impressive club performances, Chicharito has struggled to replicate his form on the international stage.

One possible reason for Chicharito’s absence from the national team could be his inconsistent form and fitness. In recent years, he has struggled with injuries, which have limited his playing time and affected his performances. Additionally, Mexico has a wealth of attacking options, and the competition for a place in the national team is fierce.

Carlos Vela

Carlos Vela has been a standout player for Los Angeles FC in Major League Soccer (MLS). He has consistently delivered exceptional performances and has been a key figure in his team’s success. Despite his outstanding club form, Vela has chosen to prioritize his club career over international duty.

Vela’s decision to focus on club football has been met with mixed reactions. Some argue that players should prioritize representing their country, while others understand the importance of club commitments. Vela has stated that he wants to prolong his playing career and believes that reducing international commitments will help achieve this goal.

Competition and Tactical Considerations

The Mexico national team boasts a talented pool of players, making competition for places in the squad incredibly tough. The manager has to consider various factors, including player form, tactics, and team balance. While Chicharito and Vela possess undeniable talent, the national team’s coaching staff may have opted for other players who better fit their tactical approach.

Furthermore, the national team’s style of play may not suit the playing characteristics of Chicharito and Vela. Coaches often prioritize players who can adapt to their preferred system and contribute effectively to the team’s overall strategy. This could be a reason why both players have been overlooked in recent national team selections.

Age and Future Prospects

Another important aspect to consider is the age of both Chicharito and Vela. As players enter the latter stages of their careers, it is common for national teams to start transitioning to a younger generation. This allows younger players to gain experience and develop in preparation for future tournaments.

Chicharito is currently in his early 30s, while Vela is approaching his mid-30s. This age factor may have influenced the coaching staff’s decision to focus on younger talents who can potentially lead the national team in the coming years.

The Future

While Chicharito and Vela may not be part of the Mexico national team at present, their careers and contributions to Mexican football should not be overlooked. Both players have achieved remarkable success and have left a lasting impact on the game.

As the national team continues to evolve and new talents emerge, the door for a potential return for Chicharito and Vela should not be completely closed. The coaching staff may reassess their options in the future, and if both players can maintain their form and fitness, a recall to the national team is not out of the question.

Chicharito Hernandez and Carlos Vela’s absence from the Mexico national team has left fans curious and divided. While there may be various reasons behind their exclusion, including form, tactical considerations, and age, their contributions to the sport should not be forgotten. As new players emerge and the team evolves, the future may hold opportunities for both players to represent their country once again.

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