‘Why am I still growing?’: The 27-year-old ex-NBA champion was in complete disbelief at his unusual biological growth

Height is a long-standing issue in the NBA. Great players have dominated for themselves. Most are gifted with the stature befitting the big league. However, some players go through insane growth spurts. Having grown into giants, a single change is the recipe for success in the largest basketball league in the world. However, a 27-year-old NBA star could be the first to keep his spurt alive even after promotion to the league.

Some of the NBA’s tallest players were once only of average height. Notably, legendary center David Robinson was just 5’9″ in his junior year. However, as a senior, the San Antonio Spurs legend came in at 6’7″. His insane growth spurt was arguably a big factor in him growing to last season a respected member of the NBA’s top 75 teams.


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Kyle Kuzma has had a journey similar to that of the San Antonio icon. However, his body has refused to stop growing even after five years in the NBA.

Kyle Kuzma is still growing after being in the NBA

From high school to the NBA, Kuzma’s size has steadily increased. Today’s Washington Wizards star was just under six feet tall as a high school freshman. However, he steadily grew in height. From high school through college, Kuzma was now 6’9″. The youngster, who arrived in the NBA as a nearly 7-foot talent, was a highly rated prospect. Surprisingly, even now at the age of 27, Kuzma is showing signs of growth.


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Shocked himself, Kyle Kuzma took to Twitter to let his fans know. Remarkably, he’s almost an inch taller now. kusma said: “I measured 6’10 1/2 with shoes today. I’m confused…why am I still waxing lol.”


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Kuzma’s NBA career is on a similar upswing. The forward has completed a career year following a shocking split with the Los Angeles Lakers. Kuzma showed his entire arsenal, averaging a career-high 8.5 rebounds and 3.5 assists while pouring in 17 points a night. The 27-year-old has a reliable pairing alongside top scorer Bradley Beal. But arguably to unleash his true strength, Kuz might be ready to attack this season with a newfound target.


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