Which NBA team has the most Basketball Hall of Fame inductees?

Which NBA team has the most Basketball Hall of Fame inductees? originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame celebrates the sport’s rich history, and the NBA’s most celebrated organizations are well represented in the building.

Since its inception in 1959, the Hall of Fame has been inducted annually by NBA greats. That will continue into 2022 as Manu Ginobili, Tim Hardaway, Lou Hudson and George Karl are among the class of 13.

These four new members represented a total of 12 NBA franchises during their careers. Where do these 12 franchises rank when it comes to Hall of Famers?

Here’s a look at the teams with the most former players and head coaches in Springfield, Mass.

Which NBA team has the most Basketball Hall of Famers?

The Boston Celtics lead the pack when it comes to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Forty-one players who have either played for the team or been the team’s head coach are located in the hall. While the Original Celtics were inducted as part of the inaugural class of 1959, Ed McCauley became the first Celtics player to be anchored a year later.

Two of those 41 Hall of Famers won championships with the Celtics as players and coaches. Tommy Heinsohn was accepted as a player in 1986 before rejoining the arena as a coach in 2015. The late riser Bill Russel was anchored for his unparalleled résumé as a player in 1975 and later honored for his coaching awards as part of the Class of 2021.

At least one former Celtic entered the Hall of Fame each year from 2018 to 2021. These players include Ray Allen (2018), Charlie Scott (2018), Dino Radja (2018), Chuck Cooper (2019), Carl Braun (2019), Paul Westphal (2019), Kevin Garnett (2020) and Paul Pierz (2021).

After the Celtics, the Los Angeles Lakers (33), New York Knicks (29), and Detroit Pistons (26) have the most players and head coaches in their respective franchises in the Hall of Fame.

Which NBA team has the fewest Basketball Hall of Famers?

The New Orleans Pelicans is the only franchise without a single Hall of Famer in franchise history.

The team’s history dates back to the 2002-03 season when it was formed as the New Orleans Hornets. Alonzo Mourning, Robert Parish and Vlade Divac are the three Hall of Famers who have ever worn Hornets jerseys, but they were on Charlotte hornets.

Like the Pelicans, no player who played for the Oklahoma City Thunder has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. However, the franchise has 14 players and head coaches anchored in Springfield from their 41 seasons as the Seattle SuperSonics.

The Memphis Grizzlies and Minnesota Timberwolves are the second-least Hall of Famers of any NBA franchise, with two players each.

How Many Basketball Hall of Famers Does Each NBA Team Have?

Here’s a look at how many players and head coaches of each NBA organization are in the Basketball Hall of Fame (including the 2022 class).

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