Where to Watch Blind Woman’s Curse Online (Netflix, Hulu, Prime)

Blind Woman’s Curse is a very unique 1970 Japanese horror film, and it’s here to find it online and on Netflix, Hulu or Prime.

Find the Japanese cult horror film here The curse of the blind woman online and whether it’s available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. Japan is a country with a rich history of producing terrifying epic horror films Kwaidan into the wild and unforgettable a house from 1977. The J-Horror cycle began in 1998 The ring also had a major impact on the genre worldwide, with the likes of ring, The resentment movies & dark water Not only are they considered classics, but spawned high-profile remakes in the 2000s.


The late filmmaker Teruo Ishii had a prolific career directing several cult favorites such as Shogun’s delight in torture and infamous in 1969 terror of deformed menwhich turns out to be a particularly nightmarish version The island of dr. Moreau. The curse of the blind woman is another favorite from his filmography and a bizarre mix of yakuza film and horror. The story follows Akemi, the leader of a powerful clan who accidentally blinds a rival’s daughter during a sword fight. A black cat appears and licks the blood from the girl’s wounds, and soon Akemi has to deal with the girl and cat seeking revenge.

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The curse of the blind woman is a Japanese horror film that is better experienced than explained, as its mix of genres and tones is difficult to describe. Like in Ishii’s other films, he’s not afraid to spill some blood, and the film can get seriously gory at times. It also includes some beautiful sequences and images, and even those who don’t like it The curse of the blind woman I have to admit that there are very few films that compare – for better or for worse. Given its cult popularity, it’s easy to find The curse of the blind woman also online.

Where to Watch Curse of the Blind Woman Online?

The curse of the blind woman is not currently available on Netflix, Hulu or Prime but is available to stream on Arrow Player and AsianCrush. The curse of the blind woman can also be rented or purchased on Google Play Movies, YouTube, and iTunes with prices starting at $1.99 look.

Genre specialist Arrow also has a Blu-ray version by Teruo Ishii The curse of the blind woman available for those who want a physical copy, although there are few bonus features. Even among the wilder Japanese horror films like that tetsuo Movies or sequels like Tetsuo: The bullet man – which Quentin Tarantino almost produced – The curse of the blind woman Stands on its own for blurring genre boundaries and sheer dedication to being weird.

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