What’s the problem with Twitch?

As the most popular medium for online users, video has seen tremendous growth in its creation and usage. In fact, according to Social Media Week, video content will account for up to 82% of online traffic in 2022.

But if that doesn’t say enough about the sheer volume of videos, Zenith said the average person spends around 100 minutes a day watching videos. wowza

All in all, video platforms are thriving and one that reigns alongside the big ones is Amazon’s streaming platform Twitch. But what makes this video platform stand out?

If you want to know why 140 million users visit Twitch every month, media updates Lara Smit helps you discover what makes this platform so popular.

Let’s meet the popular kid:

Twitch created real links

Over the past two years, due to the public health measures put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic, people have started to value and desire social connections more. Additionally, these public restrictions — coupled with the dramatic advances in technology over the past two decades — have also dramatically increased the amount of time people spend online. This is where Twitch comes in.

Platforms like Twitch that stream video content are thriving in today’s conditions. Why? It serves both the desire that consumers must have converse themselves online and their need associate with other people.

Now, there are a few ways Twitch does this. First, because Twitch’s content is streamed live, viewers feel like they’re part of the action unfolding before their eyes.

The effect this streaming experience has on viewers is that they feel like they are part of something real even when they are online. This is because the events in a live stream take place in real time, which means the content is more authentic as it is unfiltered.

However, the live streaming experiences that Twitch offers don’t just make people feel like they’re part of something authentic. It also has the essential function of helping people to do this build connections. Because through streaming, viewers have direct contact with the streamer via online communication media.

Streamers are more approachable than people who don’t post live content because they can communicate and respond to their viewers in real time. This interaction between viewers and streamers helps them feel connected when sharing an experience, as well as to discuss and share knowledge about that experience. How cool is that?

Additionally, by interacting with their favorite streamers, viewers feel involved in the process of creating the content they are watching. This is because they can directly influence the direction of the video through their interactions with their favorite content creator.

But the ability to connect with people via Twitch doesn’t stop there. Twitch users can also interact with other viewers through the chat channels provided by the platform. Here they can discuss what they think about the streamed content and connect with people who share their interests.

Twitch hosts parties

Just like most other popular kids, Twitch throws a lot of parties. Known for its growth in gaming, Twitch hosts a variety of esports events that boost its status among gaming peeps.

Esports has definitely become a lucrative industry. With 29.6 million monthly esports viewers in the United States alone, it’s not hard to see why hosting these events would make Twitch so popular.

These events take place not only online, but also offline. According to Growsurf, “Competitions that once took place behind a computer screen are now filling massive arenas and stadiums while simultaneously being streamed live to millions of Twitch viewers.”

But why should it attract So many users?

There are various prizes to be won at these events for spectators and participants. Plus, gamers can test their skills against some of the best gaming pros from around the world.

Twitch is also pounding the social scene by hosting its own convention called TwitchCon.

Here Twitch users can:

  • Meet the best in the business
  • meet other community members
  • Try new games, find new products
  • connect with other creators and
  • participate in competitions.

Twitch is friends with everyone

Yes, like any other popular kid, Twitch is friends Everyone. It’s no longer only a platform for gamers but has opened its doors to all kinds of punches from different people – which is why people who are not part of the gaming community are starting to hear more about this platform.

The successful expansion of this tool into industries other than gaming was evident as Just Chatting channels gained momentum. This then contributed 12% to the platform’s total views in 2021.

The Just Chatting channels are incredibly diverse in their categories. Content ranges from casual chats to streams that educate people on a variety of topics. As such, content creators from all walks of life are aligning themselves with these channels as they offer them new opportunities to monetize, showcase their work, and gain exposure.

Additionally, Twitch helps all kinds of creatives get on board with its free streaming app, Twitch Studio. This app is incredibly easy to use and helps creators create their own streams from scratch.

Twitch Studio is also very intuitive and meets all the needs of the creator through:

  • guided setups
  • customizable templates and
  • integrated chats, notifications and activity feeds.

Do you like using Twitch? Why do you like this platform? Let us know in the comment section below.

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