What the future of Georgia’s football quarterback position looks like after Stetson Bennett

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Jakobe HBTFD on Twitter asks if Carson Beck is or is the heir apparent at quarterback Uncertainty about future of Georgia offense behind center?

Answer: In the video

asks Robert Heider on Twitter What are your thoughts on 8v12 for future playoff expansions?

Answers: To be clear, it will be a 12-team playoff and the question now is whether it will start in 2024, 2025 or 2026. I believe the parties involved want this to start sooner rather than later.

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As far as I’m concerned, I agree that it’s going to 12 teams. It keeps more fanbase invested as the season progresses and adds more intriguing games later in the season from a national perspective.

I totally understand how some feel when teams like Georgia, Alabama and Ohio State have a college football playoff pass every year because their current talent assets are so overwhelming. It’s true. As long as Kirby Smart is in Georgia, the Bulldogs should never miss a 12-team playoff.

For those worried about a watered-down regular season, think back to the Tennessee game. What made this win so satisfying to Georgia fans wasn’t that it helped win the SEC East or propel Georgia to No. 1 in the College Football Playoff rankings. It was the fact that Georgia beat rivals Tennessee that had Volunteer fans stop talking just long enough to find an excuse for why their team was emasculated at Sanford Stadium.

College football is special because of the people. The playoff stakes don’t change that. Beating Florida, Auburn and Georgia Tech will always be great for Georgia fans. Losing to these teams will always stink. The playoff stakes won’t change that, even though it seems to have skewed everything else about the sport.

Jim Jarrell on Twitter asks if there’s a chance we’ll see Carson Beck vs Georgia Tech this Saturday?

Answers: We touched on this briefly in the video, but Saturday would be a good opportunity to see Beck since the Vanderbilt game.

Georgia just played its toughest games, so it’s understandable why we didn’t see Beck in victories over Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi State and Kentucky.

This Saturday, however, Georgia is a 35.5-point favorite against Georgia Tech, the widest point spread since the Vanderbilt game. If Georgia does what Vegas thinks it should, the Bulldogs should carve out a lead big enough to put Beck in the game.

What Beck does, however, is a whole other discussion. With the SEC championship game next week, Georgia might just want to get in and out with a win and move things along.

Or, like the Bulldogs did against Vanderbilt, they could really let Beck rip. He had 11 pass attempts for the win and completed eight for 98 yards and two touchdowns. Every game representative is important, and bringing in more spice to Beck — who could be Georgia’s starting quarterback next season — could help Georgia in the long run.

First, Georgia needs to take care of Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets are playing for a bowl game and are unlikely to roll over like they did a season ago under then-head coach Geoff Collins.

Jim Wallace on the DawgNation forums asks: Remove Kirby and Saban from the equation…which SEC coach does the best job?

answers: A week ago at this time you could have said Lane Kiffin. But after that 42-6 deficit against Arkansas and all the nonsense that’s happened this week, it’s hard to tell.

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So let’s go with Brian Kelly instead. In his freshman season, he brought LSU back into the SEC championship game. The 2019 magical season wasn’t all that long ago, but LSU only won 11 games in the two seasons prior to Kelly’s arrival.

Should the Tigers beat Texas A&M on Saturday, they would be in a very real position 10-2 to reach the college football playoffs. This LSU team has gotten better over the season, and Kelly appears to be building a culture that should bring Baton Rouge lasting success.

He also convinced Harold Perkins to come to LSU in place of Texas A&M and Florida. The linebacker has emerged as one of the best players in the country in recent weeks. And he’s just a freshman, meaning Kelly has another two years to build him up.

Josh Heupel is also a worthy pick for what he did in Tennessee, but I think LSU feels closer to a national title right now and has higher potential. That gets Kelly my vote.

Brian Green on Twitter wonders how Deion Sanders could help inject more energy and passion into the Georgia Tech rivalry

Answers: After Saturday’s game, Georgia Tech will have to decide who to hire as head coach.

Deion Sanders is a very popular name. He brought real success to Jackson State and proved he can recruit. He also has ties to the Atlanta area, dating back to his Atlanta Falcon days.

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I believe Sanders would do well at Georgia Tech. And that it would be a home game for Georgia Tech. I’m just not sure that Sanders is ready to leave Jackson State at this point and that he couldn’t secure a better job if he chooses to be patient.

Remember, Kirby Smart had other offers and jobs he could have accepted before becoming head coach at Georgia. But he preferred to wait until the job he really wanted became available. The move has worked for all parties and Sanders would be wise to follow a similar path.

When it comes to who Georgia Tech might hire besides Sanders, we can’t overlook Brent Key. He brought real energy to the Georgia Tech program and provided substance that Collins never could as a head coach. With the new AD J Batt coming from Alabama, there’s also Bill O’Brien, Alabama’s current offensive coordinator. Coastal Carolina’s Jamey Chadwell also makes sense, although his hiring would represent a step toward the Paul Johnson model.

Whoever gets the job will be worth monitoring from a Georgian perspective. With the Yellow Jackets lined up every year through 2037, Georgia will often see who the next Georgia Tech coach is.

Perhaps the next coach will be allowed to coach more games in Athens than Collins, which would be zero.

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