What is the Matchday 2 “wildcard hack”?

FIFA World Cup Fantasy Matchday 2 is upon us and wildcards are activated left, right and centre.

Over two-thirds of users who voted in Thursday’s poll say they use this “booster” (or chip in FPL jargon), with the vast majority hoping to take advantage of the so-called “wildcard hack.” .

So what is this hack and how do you use the wildcard in the first place?

We will try to answer the most frequently asked questions below.

How to use the wildcard chip in World Cup Fantasy?

As soon as Matchday 1 ends and before Matchday 2 starts (so now!), you can activate your wildcard and set up your squad for Matchday 2.

You should see a lightning bolt icon on the Matchday 2 tab, and clicking on it will open the window that says Apply Boosters:

You should then be able to swap in and out as many players as you like.

Use of the wild card while match day 2

While the ‘booster’ itself has to be activated and a 15-man squad selected before Matchday 2 begins, you should theoretically be able to use unlimited transfers while Round 2 is in progress.

You’ll still only get 11 players to score for you on Day 2, but you should – and we repeat should, given the messy nature of the game’s organization and ambiguous rules – being able to change their identities after the fact, provided they haven’t played before.

For example if you have selected Steven Bergwijn on your wildcard team and you see him on the bench when the Netherlands v Ecuador squad sheets are released, you can use him before kick-off for a teammate or other “unlocked” fantasy asset – like you would do with a normal player transfer.

Unlocked Players Players are shown as unlocked if the team they are playing for has not yet played on the current matchday.
Banned Players Players are shown as banned once the game of the team they are playing for has started on the current match day. This is denoted by a padlock showing the locked status.

The wildcard hack

This is where it gets interesting, vague and speculative in equal measure.

As we discussed in last week’s rule change, playing your wild card prior to Day 2 may effectively give you two free hit sides for Days 2 and 3.

Currently, the rules for transferring “banned” players are as follows:

Transfer with a suspended player

a. If you do this, the broadcast will only become active for the next matchday

b. If the player you transferred is banned, you keep the points he earned that matchday

Both types of transfers come from your current Matchday allocation.

So the consensus in the fantasy community seems to be that once your player was in action on matchday 2 and is ‘banned’, you will be able to trade them for any player you want on matchday 3 . You could go back to theory, do this 15 times to completely overhaul your site.

For example if you have Gareth Bale in your team on Matchday 2, then Bale will be suspended once Wales vs Iran is over on Friday morning. Any points he scored in that game will remain part of your Matchday 2 tally unless you replace him.

You could then swap him out for another striker who is you at that point do want on the 3rd matchday.

It’s all a bit complicated, not to mention outright conjecture, loosely supported by an exchange between Let’s Talk FPL’s Andy and an alleged member of the FIFA World Cup Fantasy game makers.

Best Wildcard Team?

If the hack works, a wild card effectively becomes a free hit.

For this scenario (which of course we don’t know about until it’s too late) we refer you to our Matchday 2 Scout Picks, which aim to select the best players for the upcoming Matchday in isolation.

If you’re not planning on trusting word of mouth hack strategy, some Day 3 planning might be in order.

The teams with the best Doppelkopf games are probably the Netherlands (vs Ecuador + Qatar), England (vs USA + Wales), Argentina (vs Mexico + Poland) and Brazil (vs Switzerland + Cameroon).

It is important to note that three of these teams (all except Argentina) could be through to the knockout rounds as early as Matchday 3, allowing them to rest key players and rotate in their final group games.

Teams that may still have something to play on the last day of the game – such as Senegal, Denmark and Croatia – could then also get into the wildcard considerations.

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