What is Michael Jordan’s handspan? (The real answer)

NBA players are the sum of their parts. Athleticism doesn’t come from a single place, nor is it the result of a unique trait. NBA teams learn this more and more every year as they evaluate new aspects with each season. This includes hand size.

Most NBA players have large hands, but a select few have hands much larger than their height. Jordan was one such example. This article examines how his mittens compare to the rest of the NBA by assessing their sheer size and how they improved his overall game.

measure size

It’s important to note that the NBA measures hand size in two different ways: the span and the length. Both are crucial in figuring out how big a player’s hands are, and each measurement helps inform their overall play.

Length is from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger, while span is measured from the tip of the thumb to the end of the little finger when the player’s hand is fully extended. NBA players typically excel at both, but some players go above and beyond the norm.

Jordan was one such player.

handle in more ways than one

Michael Jordan had many qualities that made him the greatest of all time and one of them is his hand size. His large paws measured 9.75 inches in lengthas well as a wingspan of almost a foot long (11.375 inches). Both upped their game.

Having big hands may not seem like a gigantic advantage at first, but they are crucial in the game of basketball. That’s because they allow players to easily handle the ball, snatch rebounds, and make key blocks, contests, or game-saving steals.

Jordan was incredible on offense, largely due to his ability to control the ball both on the ground and in the air. The size of his hand allowed it.

He also played an impeccable defense. His hands were a major reason he could disrupt opponents and deflect assists on tight overtakes. He might have been able to do that with smaller gloves, but he certainly wouldn’t have been as effective.

In this way, Jordan’s hand size helped him on either side of the ball. He wasn’t a particularly big outlier when it came to his other measurements, but his hands were very special.

Bigger than life

Jordan’s hands are big, but it’s hard to tell just how big they are without the right context. Looking at the rest of the NBA, the league has an average length of 9 inches and an average span of about 10 inches. In both cases, Jordan is more than successful.

His hands were large for almost any position, even compared to tall men. For example, Shaq’s hands measured 10.25 in diameter and 12 inches long, and Giannis’ hands were 9.85 and 12, respectively.

Both men tower over the 6’6 Jordan, but their hands are scarcely taller. This is true across the board with strikers and centers. That way, Jordan’s hands are big for his position, and they’re big for any athlete who’s ever played this game.

last words

Few physical traits are more overlooked than hand span. A player’s palms and fingers aren’t something teams put much stock in, but they’re pretty important. Being able to hold the ball easily goes a long way. Jordan has shown that over and over again.

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