Watch as a Qatari police officer slaps the phone out of a World Cup fan’s hand as he films the shantytown of the ‘Humanitarian Disaster Zone’

THIS is the moment a World Cup fan has his cell phone slapped out of his hand while filming the chaos in one of the fan villages in Qatar.

The football fan was filming at the Fan Village Cabins Zafaran when fans had to wait up to eight hours to get their rooms.


Footage shows the moment a World Cup fan has his phone slammed on the ground
The man appears to be wearing a Qatari police uniform


The man appears to be wearing a Qatari police uniform

At the check-in counter, frustration builds as fans queue while carrying their luggage and loud voices can be heard.

The camera pans around as the fan says, “This is where it gets wild.”

The video shows the makeshift tents and artificial green grass as the fan films the chaotic scene in the World Cup Village.

And then a man clearly wearing a Qatari police uniform lunges at him, smashing the camera as the footage ends.

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The video was sent to The Sun Online by another football fan staying at Fan Village Cabins Zafaran.

He said the situation at the camp is an “absolute disaster” – with fans arriving only to find their rooms are not ready.

The fan, who supports Mexico, told The Sun Online: “[It is terrible] Many fans have to wait more than eight hours for a cabin.

“We are tired and the queues are not only a problem at check-in, but also at the food stalls and markets in the village.

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“It takes a whole day to check in, and it takes over an hour to get food.”

The Kansas City fan in the US is now trying to get his money back as rooms at the Cabin Village cost more than £175 a night.

They had to wait to be admitted to their cabin without food or water, and when they reached their rooms they found that they were not cleaned.

“That is [an] Outrage and we are now looking at other options as we have been officially robbed,” he said.

Qatari authorities were forced to admit that the pop-up facilities they constructed were “substandard”.

And they are now offering full refunds and free alternative accommodation.

Angry fans told The Sun Online how they endured horror check-ins only to be sent to filthy sauna-like rooms – raging that the rooms weren’t fit for “human habitation”.

Qatar had rushed to set up a series of “fan villages” to accommodate the more than one million fans who will travel to the country during the four-week tournament.

But instead of being the paradise villages they were sold as, they have been compared to the infamous “Fyre Festival”.

And fans fear the situation is only getting worse.

I would call it a camp, not a village

US fan

Another fan from the US told The Sun Online he was told by police not to take pictures.

“I would call it a camp, not a village,” he said.

He continued: “I overpaid, just over $200 (£165) a night. The room is not worth it.

“This is my third night and my room has not been cleaned. No fresh towels. Customer service is terrible.”

He shared pictures of overflowing bins with us, adding, “I’m not very high maintenance, but the rooms should be cleaned.”

“I’m afraid this will only get worse as more people come,” he added.

And another fan, who traveled almost 7,000 miles from Canada to Qatar, said the Free Zone Fan Village was a “complete disaster”.

“People have been waiting for over four hours and all the staff have just disappeared and said most of the rooms aren’t ready or people haven’t checked out yet,” he said.

He arrived at the fan zone at 10am, had his bags picked up, but was not given a room until 4am.

Crowds of people with luggage are queuing in front of the fan village


Crowds of people with luggage are queuing in front of the fan villageCredit: THE SUN
Police arrived amid the growing carnage at the fan village last night


Police arrived amid the growing carnage at the fan village last nightCredit: THE SUN
Fans have described the villages as


Fans have described the villages as “unfinished” and “under construction.”Credit: THE SUN
The huts are said to be dirty and look like saunas inside


The huts are said to be dirty and look like saunas insideCredit: THE SUN

And another player complained about a leaking shower and toilet in his dressing room, overpriced food and poor transport links to stadiums.

He urged all fans to use taxis.

The tiny, container-style cabins sleep two people in a cramped bedroom with their own shower — and the metal structures scorch under the blazing sun.

Sites have little shade but food stalls, big screens to watch the games, and on-site supermarkets.

Football fans also took their frustration out on social media. A Saudi Arabian soccer fan shared videos of huge crowds gathering outside the village.

Police were reportedly called to maintain order among frustrated football fans.

He accused authorities of “overbooking” the site – and claimed many fans were left with no accommodation at all.

The dedicated World Cup Fans account posts a lengthy thread about the situation to its 4,000+ followers.

The account, which provides information on tickets and accommodation for fans, published the situation in the two villages, which has “turned fans’ joy into misery”.

“Hundreds of fans from different countries around the world who have confirmed reservations in the fan villages have suffered and continue to suffer from the mismanagement of the fan villages,” she wrote.

It goes on to say: “The majority of the rooms have been preserved and are literally dirty and uninhabitable

“Most of the cabins have an air conditioning problem and there is no solution, and they have become more like sauna rooms, especially during the day.”

Qatar has already faced questions about organizing the World Cup – with reports weeks before it started that the nation simply wasn’t ready.

Confusion over beer sales, infrastructure problems and reports of crowd problems in the fan zone have already surfaced.

The tiny country is expected to welcome more than a million fans during the tournament – when the country has a population of just 2.9 million.

Billions have been spent preparing the nation for its first attempt at holding an event of this magnitude.

In a statement, Qatar’s Supreme Committee told The Sun Online: “We are aware that a number of fans have faced check-in delays at select Fan Village properties due to the negligence of the owner and operator.

“Supplied and managed by various private entities, part of the units in these facilities have not met the required standards advertised to fans.

“Although these websites are managed by independent commercial entities, resolving these issues remains a top priority for the Board of Governors.

“Fans severely impacted by this issue will be offered full refunds as well as alternative accommodation that is free for the duration of their stay.”

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