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1 THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO (Washington Square Press, $17). By Taylor Jenkins Reid. A Hollywood icon shares the story of her glamorous life with a young reporter, and they both discover the price of fame.

2 IT ENDS WITH US (Atria, $16.99). By Colleen Hoover. A woman questions her relationship with a commitment-phobic partner when her old flame resurfaces.

3 THE MAID (Ballantine, $18). By Nita Prosa. A hotel maid cleaning a room finds a dead body and becomes the prime suspect in the murder.

4 IT STARTS WITH US (Atria, $17.99). By Colleen Hoover. After breaking up with her abusive husband, a woman ponders whether to rekindle her first love.

5 THE THURSDAY MURDER CLUB (Penguin, $17). By Richard Osman. Four seventy year olds team up to catch a killer.

6 CIRCLE (Back Bay, $16.99). By Madeleine Miller. This sequel to The Song of Achilles is about the goddess who turns Odysseus’ men into pigs.

7 LEGENDS & LATTES (Gate, $17.99). By Travis Baldree. A mercenary hangs up her sword and opens a café.

8th TRUTH (Grand Central, $16.99). By Colleen Hoover. A writer hired to finish the manuscript of an incapacitated best-selling author learns disturbing secrets.

9 THE SONG OF ACHILLES (Eco, $17.99). By Madeleine Miller. The legend of Achilles retold through the lens of his friend Patroclus.

10 A DISH OF THORNS AND ROSES (Bloomsbury, $19). By Sarah J Maas. A threat looms over a magical land where a Slayer is being held captive.

1 ALL ABOUT LOVE (Tomorrow, $15.99). By bell hook. The first book in the feminist trilogy, Love Song to the Nation, looks at compassion as a form of love.

2 BRAIDING GRASS: INDIGENOUS WISDOM, SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE AND TEACHINGS OF PLANTS (Milkweed editions, $18). By Robin Wall Kimmerer. Essays by an indigenous scientist offer lessons in mutual awareness between humans and plants.

3 THE BODY HOLDS THE POINTS (Penguin, $19). By Bessel van der Kolk. A scientific look at how trauma can alter a person’s body and brain.

4 THE REPORT OF JANUARY 6TH (Harper Paperbacks, $19.99). By the Committee of January 6th. The Official Report of the Congressional Inquiry into the January 6, 2021 Capitol Attack, with a Foreword by Ari Melber.

5 THESE PRECIOUS DAYS (Harper Perennial, $18). By Ann Patchett. Essays by the best-selling author highlight important relationships in her life.

6 THE FOUR AGREEMENTS (Amber Allen, $12.95). By Don Miguel Ruiz. The self-help classic reveals four principles for a happier life.

7 CONFUSED LIFE (Random House, $18). By Merlin Sheldrake. A biologist explains the importance of mushrooms for our bodies and the environment.

8th DOPAMINE NATION (Dutton, $18). By Anna Lembke. A psychiatrist explains how to avoid overconsumption by balancing pleasure with pain.

9 SAPIENS (Harper Perennial, $24.99). By Yuval Noah Harari. A scientific and historical look at the creation and evolution of mankind.

10 THE BOOK OF PLEASURES (Algonquin, $17.99). By Ross Gay. Essays on Finding Joy, Written by a Poet in the Course of a Year.

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