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To bolster its position as the leading advertising platform for sellers and suppliers, retail giant Walmart’s advertising platform, Walmart Connect, has announced partnerships with major video streaming and social video services.
Walmart Connect September 21, 2022
Specifically, Walmart Connect has announced partnerships with Roku, TikTok, Snap, Firework and TalkShopLive to create new, innovative ways to connect sellers with customers across streaming, social video sharing and live streaming platforms.

Walmart Connect’s current partner program consists of technology platforms, service partners and solution providers. Now the company is seeking to create a fourth type of partner – innovation – along with the addition of partner companies that provide sellers with social, entertainment and live streaming “test and learn” opportunities.

With TalkShopLive, Walmart Connect builds on its existing corporate relationship to enable supplier-funded, shoppable live streams on, TalkShopLive’s platform, brand and publisher sites, and across the web, helping to transform the retail landscape via Connect to TalkShopLive. Walmart Connect is testing how brands can expand their content and engage with shoppers at scale, and has initially livestreamed with J&J, L’Oreal, P&G and Samsung, among others.

Unique partnership with Snapchat brings advertisers Snap Ads, Collection Ads and Snap AR with geo-based measurement from Walmart Connect. This is the first time advertisers can buy Snap ad blocks through Walmart Connect and get in front of Snapchat’s unique audience (75% of 13-34 year olds in 20+ countries) who have a global purchasing power of 4+, $4 trillion.

A similar agreement with TikTok aims to enable Walmart Connect’s advertisers to run in-feed ads on the fast-growing social platform and understand effectiveness through targeting and measuring Walmart Connect.

Walmart recently announced a unique partnership with Roku to make TV streaming the next e-commerce shopping destination. As the exclusive retailer that allows streamers to purchase featured products fulfilled by Walmart directly on the streaming platform, the new experience offers product discovery with a quick checkout experience that enables direct purchase. Walmart Connect will connect brands with customers through the t-commerce platform on Roku. Advertisers gain insights into effectiveness with Walmart Connect measurement.

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