Wake Forest's 2023 Nfl Draft Candidates Include Sam Hartman And At Perry

Wake Forest's 2023 NFL Draft candidates include Sam Hartman and AT
Wake Forest's 2023 NFL Draft candidates include Sam Hartman and AT from gerona.ca

The Rise of Wake Forest Football

Wake Forest University’s football program has been on the rise in recent years, producing talented players who are catching the attention of NFL scouts. As the 2023 NFL Draft approaches, two standout players from the Wake Forest Demon Deacons are generating buzz – quarterback Sam Hartman and wide receiver AT Perry.

Sam Hartman: The Quarterback Phenom

Sam Hartman has been a key player for the Demon Deacons since his freshman year. The 6’1″ quarterback possesses a strong arm, exceptional accuracy, and great decision-making skills. Hartman’s ability to read defenses and make quick adjustments has made him a valuable asset to Wake Forest’s offense.

Throughout his college career, Hartman has set numerous records, including the most passing yards in a single season. His leadership skills and work ethic have also earned him the respect of his teammates and coaches. With his impressive performance on the field, it’s no surprise that NFL scouts are keeping a close eye on Hartman.

AT Perry: The Versatile Wide Receiver

AT Perry has emerged as one of the top wide receivers in college football. Standing at 6’5″ and weighing 215 pounds, Perry possesses a rare combination of size, speed, and athleticism. His ability to make contested catches and gain yards after the catch has made him a nightmare for opposing defenses.

Perry’s versatility is another aspect that sets him apart. He can line up as an outside receiver, slot receiver, or even in the backfield as a running back. His agility and route-running skills make him a difficult player to cover, and his explosiveness allows him to create big plays for the Demon Deacons.

The Impact on Wake Forest

The potential departure of Hartman and Perry to the NFL after the 2023 season could have a significant impact on Wake Forest’s football program. Both players have been instrumental in the team’s recent success, helping the Demon Deacons achieve multiple bowl game appearances and competitive seasons.

However, Wake Forest has a strong coaching staff and a history of developing talented players. The program has a track record of grooming replacements and finding new stars to step up when needed. The departure of Hartman and Perry will undoubtedly create opportunities for other players to shine and continue the team’s upward trajectory.

Scouts’ Evaluation and Projections

NFL scouts have praised Hartman for his poise in the pocket, strong arm, and ability to make accurate throws on the run. They believe his football IQ and decision-making skills will translate well to the next level. Some projections have him as a mid-round draft pick, while others see him potentially rising higher with a strong senior season.

As for Perry, scouts have been impressed with his size, athleticism, and versatility. They see him as a potential red-zone threat and a reliable target in the passing game. With his combination of size and speed, Perry has the potential to be a valuable asset to an NFL team’s offense. Projections have him as a mid-to-late round draft pick, but a standout senior season could boost his stock.

As the 2023 NFL Draft approaches, all eyes are on Wake Forest’s Sam Hartman and AT Perry. These two talented players have made a name for themselves in college football and have the potential to make a significant impact at the next level. Whether they are selected in the mid-to-late rounds or rise higher in the draft, their contributions to the Wake Forest football program will not be forgotten. The Demon Deacons will undoubtedly miss their presence, but the program’s history of development suggests that new stars will emerge to carry the torch and continue the team’s success.

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