Video of a robbery in Texas surfaced on the internet as high-heeled kidnapper Lisa Marie Coleman was apprehended by the FBI

58-year-old Lisa Marie Coleman, better known by the FBI as the “high-heeled kidnapper,” has been arrested for allegedly being involved in a series of robberies and a kidnapping. Coleman earned the nickname after she wore fancy shoes in at least one of the robberies.

According to the Houston Police Department, Coleman was described as well-dressed and with a strong body odor. The high-heeled kidnapper’s robberies began in November when she approached a Galleria Houston employee in the parking lot and demanded money from him. The employee, identified as Katie Otten, assumed Coleman was armed.

A few days before Christmas, the high-heeled kidnapper was allegedly involved in several other robberies at a bank, a sandwich shop and a hotel. Police eventually took her into custody on separate charges but later linked her to the robberies after being tipped off.

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Lisa Marie Coleman, nicknamed the “high-heeled hijacker” by the FBI, has been arrested and faces multiple charges including kidnapping

Lisa Marie Coleman, a 58-year-old woman, is being held as a suspect in a series of robberies in Texas. Authorities believe her first robbery was when she approached Katie Otten, an employee at Galleria Houston, in the mall parking lot and demanded money. Since she had her hand in her pocket, Otten figured she might be armed.

Recalling the incident, Katie told the New York Post:

“She walked into my vehicle and said, ‘Okay, take me to an ATM. I told her I wasn’t leaving Randalls [pharmacy and grocery] with her. I said to her, ‘You have the car keys, take the car, go and do whatever you want.’

Lisa is said to have forced the victim to drive to several ATMs and finally stopped at the grocery store. She was nicknamed the “High-Heeled Hijacker” by the FBI after she was spotted wearing fancy heels in at least one of their robberies. Christina Garza, an FBI spokeswoman at the FBI’s Houston office, told the New York Post:

“It’s not very common, so we thought High-Heeled Hijacker would be the perfect moniker.”

The high-heeled kidnapper targeted the next victim on December 21 when she entered a hotel on Block 5100 of Westheimer Road. Coleman threatened the teller by showing them a bill demanding money. The terrified cashier handed over the money, shortly after which the high-heeled kidnapper fled the scene.

Two days after the hotel robbery, she entered a bank and repeated her tactics. One of the victims told police that although she was well dressed, Coleman had a strong body odor. Authorities now believe she may be involved in other robberies as well.

She was jailed on separate charges, but after receiving a tip, officers linked her to the robberies, which took place over the holiday season. Garza further added:

“We learned very quickly that naming them is a smart tactic because the public clings to them. Some people, when we confront them, have literally said, ‘Yes, I am whatever nickname we gave them’.”

#BREAK The wanted suspect in the bank robbery, dubbed a “high-heeled kidnapper,” has been arrested on independent charges. More details to come. @hpdrobbery #HouNews

DA Chandler Raine believes the motive behind the robberies could only be greed

FBI officials believe the high-heeled kidnapper was involved in at least 4 robberies in the Galleria area. The robberies spanned from November 15, 2022 to December 23, 2022.

Katie Otten described how she was certain Coleman was in dire need of money. She was robbed of more than $100 and kidnapped in her own car. Coleman allegedly tried to withdraw $2,000 from multiple ATMs. After her arrest on Thursday, she is now scheduled to appear in court on Monday. Harris County District Attorney Chandler Raine said:

“Pretty much every time someone takes money from someone else, one of your motives is greed. So that’s my best guess as to the motive in this case. Ms. Coleman has decided that she has a greater right to own something that belongs to someone else.”

The 58-year-old high-heeled kidnapper is currently being held by multiple bonds totaling $300,000. She faces charges of triple robbery and kidnapping. Her next court appearance is scheduled for April 2023. If she appears in court, Coleman will have to take a drug test and be under 24-hour house arrest. Police are currently looking for people who may have been the victims of the theft.

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