University of Maryland and Grit Digital Health announce new research on Man TherapyⓇ, an innovative men’s mental health intervention

A CDC-funded study shows that men who access Man Therapy as a digital mental health intervention report a decrease in depression and suicidal ideation, a reduction in poor mental health days, and an increase in help-seeking behavior.

DENVER, December 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Jodi FreyPhD, LCSW-C, CEAP – Professor and Associate Dean of Research, University of Maryland School of Social Work – and Grit Digital Health today announced new research into the effectiveness of, an innovative suicide prevention and mental health program for working-age men. Designed as a comprehensive public awareness campaign, Man Therapy uses humor to connect with men, break stigma and help them engage with life-saving tools. The innovative campaign and 24/7 digital platform encourages men to think differently about mental health and take action before it ever hits a crisis point.

University of Maryland and Grit Digital Health announce new research into Man Therapy(R), an innovative men’s mental health intervention

Out of September 2016 to January 2019a total of 554 men ages 25 to 64 statewide Michigan attended one $1.2 million, CDC-funded randomized controlled trial called Healthy Men Michigan (HMM) to evaluate the effectiveness of Man Therapy in reducing suicidal ideation and depression in working-age men. That Results of this study, released this month, show that men who were offered Man Therapy as one of the digital tools to assess and treat their mental health experienced significant reductions in depression and suicidal ideation over time, as well as a reduction in days of poor mental health reported. Additionally a further studies The use of the HMM data by Dr. Frey shows that men in the Man Therapy intervention group reported statistically significantly improved rates of engaging in formal help-seeking behaviors through tools such as online treatment location systems, making an appointment for or attending mental health treatment, or attending a professional attend guided support groups versus those who only received screening and referrals.

“Interventions that can be delivered online and scaled up to reach men in all communities, including the workplace, are important adjuncts to comprehensive suicide prevention programs,” says Dr. Frey. “Web-based resources like Man Therapy can play an important role in suicide prevention in getting men to consider risk and seek help, and this study shows that programs like Man Therapy should be part of a broader, community-based intervention around suicide.” – and reduce risk of depression and increase resilience.”

Suicide is a complex issue with many unique contributing variables. in the The United StatesMen account for 78% of all deaths from suicide, and men are four times more likely to die from suicide than women. While there is no magic solution to suicide prevention, Man Therapy was developed with the guiding principle that tough problems require bold solutions and the best defense is a good offense. “We realized early on that if we waited until men were in crisis, we would be late,” says Grit Digital Health Founder and CEO, Joe Conrad. “I have always felt that creativity, innovation and communication can solve any challenge. From the beginning, our team has set three goals for Man Therapy: 1) Breaking the stigma of mental health by making it accessible; 2) help-seekers encourage behavior; and 3) reduce suicidal thoughts. Through research, men told us to only give them the information they needed to fix themselves, so we created a website that had a wide range of information, provides resources and tools to do just that. It is extremely rewarding to know that we are achieving our goal of positively impacting and transforming men’s lives.”

Created in 2012 through a multi-agency effort comprised of Grit Digital Health, cactusand the Office of Suicide Prevention For the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, Man Therapy has spent over a decade shattering the notion that men can’t talk about their feelings. On the site, men meet fictional therapist Dr. Rich Mahogany, a no-nonsense man who maintains that talking honestly about life’s problems is the right way to solve them. The site experience helps men take action through the property 20 point head inspection to assess their mental health, connect to male mental health tools, and access a database of resources that delve deep into the challenging areas of life (depression, anxiety, difficult transitions, sleep, grief, etc.).

Man Therapy’s innovative approach has seen over 1.5 million web sessions, 3.7 million resource views, 400,000 head inspections performed and 40,000 men connected directly to an emergency hotline resource. Facebook’s security team used it to reach high-risk men, resulting in one of its most successful media campaigns of all time. And, most importantly, Man Therapy is a proven tool that is directly affecting and saving men’s lives around the world, like Joe R., who stumbled upon Man Therapy while feeling “depressed and desperate” and claimed: “It saved my life that night.”

Man TherapyⓇ currently offers free 24/7 access to anyone seeking information and resources related to men’s mental health and wellbeing. Additionally, Man TherapyⓇ is available for licensing with state and local governments, and for individual and brand partnerships. Learn more at

If you are concerned and think you or a loved one needs immediate assistance, please contact your local emergency room or call the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline by dialing 988 for free, confidential 24-hour assistance receive.

This research is supported by Collaborative Agreement Number 1 U01 CE002661-01 funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The authors are solely responsible for the content and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the Department of Health and Human Services.

About dr Jodi FreyPhD, LCSW-C, CEAP

DR Jodi Frey – Professor and Vice Dean for Research, University of Maryland School of Social Work – is a senior scientist focused on the study of behavioral health and well-being in adults and emerging adults. For almost 20 years she has dedicated a large part of her work to suicide prevention. dr Frey also leads additional behavioral health and well-being efforts, such as: The Behavioral Health and Wellbeing Laboratory, the International Digital Archive for Employee Assistance (Co-Founder) and is Co-Chairman of Workplace Suicide Prevention and Follow-Up Committee.

About Grit Digital Health

Grit Digital Health develops behavioral health solutions through design and technology that provide a new approach to mental health and well-being. They are the creators of men therapy, a pioneering men’s mental health campaign that provides an upstream, innovative approach to suicide prevention for the most vulnerable working-age men. Also, they created YOU at college, a comprehensive suite of solutions to support higher education. Her work also supports the mental health and well-being of veterans Combat Veteran StarkEmergency Responders Wellbeing Through YOU | responder strongand feel good all around Denver above YOU at your best. For more information visit



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