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Bucs underwear football practice Wednesday.

Some notes from Buc’s underwear soccer practice today. One more disclaimer: this is underwear soccer. There are no punches. No tackling. No pads. Only shorts, a uniform jersey and a helmet. Imagine flag football without the flags.

* Scotty Miller charged into midfield from the left but had to stop to keep Blaine Gabbert’s pass from sailing past him. Yes, Miller got it.

* Tyler Johnson on the left touchline and Kyle Trask brings him down.

* Trask gets flushed to his left but avoids the rush, pumps once and plays a pass to Deven Thompkins in traffic down the left seam when Thompkins then turned to the post.

* Trask hits Miller on the right touchline, but Joe wasn’t sure if it was an inbound or not since the Wall of Mankind was on the touchline.

* There is a run! Gio Bernard runs around the left corner and up the left touchline.

* Gabbert throws to the left, but no one is home. The ball lands on the grass. There is an awful lot of screaming.

* Gabbert throws a bubble parachute to the right for immortal Cyril Grayson, who quickly turns on the jets and flies up the right side.

* Gabbert throws to the right touchline incomplete. Joe couldn’t see the intended goal, but Zyon McCollum took credit for the pass defense. He raised his right arm and lowered the banner “No. 1” icon.

* Robert Hainsey and Nick Leverett take turns snapping the ball up the middle with the first team. Yes, Ryan Jensen too. Hainsey really does look like he’s had a massage.

* Trask to Bernard for a short pass down the middle and Bernard pulls him out of the crowd.

* Gabbert with a perfect belt-high pass to the right about six inches from JJ Howland, who appeared to arm the ball with an alligator. Joe is unsure if the pass touched his fingertips. Almost as if the pass was too perfect and Howland lost sight of the ball to spin up.

* Gabbert hits rookie tight end Ko Kieft with a short pass to the right. This kieft sure looks like a better receiver as a tight end than he was given credit for coming out of Minnesota.

* Gabbert is driven out of the left pocket by many red (defensive) jerseys. This is a sack.

* Miller makes a triple on the left and Gabbert somehow gets the ball.

* The offensive line goes right, as does Gabbert for a step or two, but then he quickly turns and throws left to Grayson along the left touchline.

* Gabbert throws Breshad Perriman briefly over center and Perriman comes in from the right. But the pass was well ahead of Perriman, who dove for the ball but couldn’t find it.

* Gabbert tries to hit Jaelon Darden down the left touchline but the ball seems to be hanging a little too much in the air as he tries to levitate the ball over a defender. Antoine Winfield raced in, skied and stopped the game. Mike Edwards was also there for reporting.

* Trask tries to go high to connect with Tyler Johnson on the left, but Edwards goes higher to stop the game.

* Same game this time with Winfield in coverage. And this time Johnson stays on the ball.

* In a two-minute drill from about 15 yards, Trask finds Travis Jonsen open for a touchdown over the center.

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