Two games launch next week on Day 1 of Xbox Game Pass

Two games will be releasing on Xbox Game Pass next week, the first being the previously announced MLB The Show 23, and also adding rhythm game RPG hybrid Infinite Guitars alongside it.

MLB The Show 23 was previously announced and marks the third consecutive entry on day one of Xbox Game Pass from the long-running baseball game franchise, although it was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It will be available on March 28th with cloud and console support. In the meantime, Infinite Guitars is the debut title from Vancouver-based team Nikko Nikko and will be available for download on March 30th, with publishing handled by Humble Games.


A wide range of gameplay tweaks and improvements are added to this latest installment of MLB The Show, with one of the most notable inclusions being the ability to choose between casual, simulation, and competitive gameplay styles. Additionally, the rule changes adopted by MLB this season (infield move ban and new pitch timer) will appear in-game to more closely simulate real-world sport.

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As mentioned, Infinite Guitars is a fusion of rhythm game and RPG elements, rounded off with an anime-inspired aesthetic and a totally original soundtrack. The RPG elements described come from exploration, new gear, an upgrade system, and combat combining both turn-based and real-time action. The rhythm mechanics appear to be similar to other entries in the genre, with the player having to match inputs to the prescribed timing of beats during rock dueling against mech enemies.

These aren’t the only new additions to Game Pass, however, as the 2018 Japanese RPG Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom is also available in Game Pass today (March 21). When it was first released, DualShockers gave the game a prestigious score of 10 out of 10, claiming that it set the bar high with its game systems and meaningful side quests. Additionally, after a year of exclusivity on PlayStation and PC, Ghostwire: Tokyo will finally be coming to the service on April 12th. It was also praised by DualShockers for its world and gameplay, despite some criticisms of the overall story.

MLB The Show 23 will also be available for PlayStation and Switch, while Infinite Guitars will also be available for Steam and Switch in addition to Xbox.

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