Twins are in danger of missing the offseason again

Winter meetings are officially in the rearview mirror, and despite a lot of rumors about the Minnesota Twins and despite a lot of rumors about a potential Carlos Correa reunion, the team has officially signed zero free agents.

The team’s strategy in recent years has been to wait patiently while the big players get swept up by big market teams so the team can grab some bargains to fill the roster. It did not work.

This year, however, seemed to be different. The team was engaging, spoke to big free agents and really pushed the envelope. Now, just a day after we expressed so much optimism, it’s time to address the other side of the coin: The Minnesota Twins could very well be big losers in free agency again.

Could the Minnesota Twins stay on the sidelines and look into the free agency’s big spending spree?

Let’s face it: The Twins are far from the richest team in baseball. Everyone knows that with a disinterested fanbase and no major television deal, the team can’t afford to go toe-to-toe with the Boston and New York markets. The team needs to perform well most years and develop young talent. We understand that. However, this year was a unique situation.

After 2022 fell apart due to injuries and an inability to properly prepare, the Twins missed an easy opportunity to win the division. They went into the off-season knowing improvements were needed and cleared post-season space to make those improvements. Place valued at over $50 million. Sign a Superstar spot.

The thought process of “Try signing Correa and switch to another option if the prices don’t suit” was a reasonable one, but Free Agency is moving too fast. Potential backup plans like Xander Bogaerts, Brandon Nimmo, Jose Abreu and Mitch Haniger have already signed, leaving Carlos Correa, Carlos Rodon and Dansby Swanson the only big players unsigned.

The twins have to be given credit for being involved in all three, but as I mentioned in my last article, the twins need to be more than just involved; You must add one of these types. They have to spend all the money they have and they have to spend it quickly.

If the team misses the three big remaining free agents, Tucker Barnhart, Jose Iglesias, Wil Myers and an aging Will Smith will cover the team’s four big offseason needs, but it won’t get them any closer to building a division contender.

I’ve said it multiple times. I like this list. Sonny Gray, Tyler Mahle, Joe Ryan, Kenta Maeda and Bailey Ober are doing a sneaky good rotation, and this year there’s more depth to it. Buxton, Miranda, Polanco, Arraez (when not traded) can make a solid lineup if everyone (including Kirilloff and Larnach) are healthy. But the group is not a title contender.

They needed to beef up the squad and so far in free hands they haven’t done that. As I wrote yesterday, the Giants are the team’s only competitor for Correa. So if the Twins bring him back (or add Rodon/Swanson), it’s all forgiven. If not, then the offseason is another complete failure and changes need to be discussed.


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