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TVU Networksthe market and technology leader for cloud and IP-based live video solutions, will present its remote production solution and the award-winning TVU Channel Playout Platform at the BroadcastAsia 2022which takes place from June 1st to 3rd in Singapore.

The company returns to the show with a wide range of its cloud and IP-based solutions at stand 5E1-01 of official reseller Magna Systems and Engineering at the Singapore Expo Center. The centerpiece of the exhibition will be TVU’s RPS (Remote Production System) family of REMI solutions for multi-channel remote production over the public Internet, together with TVU Channel – the new infrastructure-free 24/7 solution, which will be launched with the TV Tech Best of Show Award at NAB 2022.

“Deploying remote production in the cloud has never been an easier decision,” he said Liming Fu, vice president of APAC sales at TVU Networks. “We look forward to showcasing our powerful TVU ecosystem to our customers and colleagues at BroadcastAsia in June. The powerful TVU channel was created to enable cloud-based playout for the world’s largest broadcasters. And now it gives every organization browser-based controls to easily create and manage channels. TVU’s overall modular building block approach allows broadcasters to quickly and easily test new models for monetizing businesses.”

The TVU RPS Link Encoder is the broadcast industry’s 5G REMI solution, delivering frame-accurate multi-channel production over the public internet with integrated IS+ for reliable transmission. Compatible with the cloud-based live video production platform TVU Producer 3.0, it allows broadcasters to leverage existing studio infrastructure for production while reducing on-site staff and equipment. The TVU RPS Link Encoder, available in 4 and 6 channel versions, synchronizes multiple live video sources over 5G/LTE networks and delivers the same high standards as a traditional broadcast setup. It is ideal for recording live sporting events, concerts and festivals, church services, talk shows and press conferences, regardless of size, and broadcasting them anywhere in the world.

RPS supports up to eight live video feeds, transmits up to six live Full HD transmissions and receives two high quality video feeds, along with support for return audio feeds and up to 16 audio channels per SDI input. It also facilitates two-way IFB management to ensure quick and easy VoIP intercom between the studio and the field. HEVC/H.265 optimizes data usage with sub-second latency over the public internet. It features channel priority management in case of bitrate drop and can aggregate up to two separate links on the codec for increased bandwidth and redundancy. Secure and encrypted VLAN tunnels enable perfect multi-channel synchronization between studio and remote teams for frame-accurate, gen-locked live productions.

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TVU Channel allows users to launch and schedule continuous live and VOD programming from a simple web browser. The infrastructure-free, cloud-based solution can be used for broadcast via a traditional TV channel, an OTT or pop-up channel, or for direct distribution on social media – all simultaneously and without additional infrastructure. TVU Channel is not just for TV, it’s ideal for radio stations, newspapers, magazines, places of worship, universities, amateur sports leagues, law enforcement and government agencies.

The cloud-native TVU channel can be quickly deployed without complicated configuration or extensive training. Creating and managing channels is as easy as using a calendar, with a browser-based interface that can be accessed via any smart device from anywhere in the world with internet access. Because users don’t have to be in a physical studio, TVU Channel can even serve as a backup master control if a physical studio isn’t accessible.

TVU’s RPS Link Encoder and TVU Channel both integrate seamlessly with other modular products in the TVU Networks ecosystem:

  • TVU Producer for multi-camera live IP video production. It allows management of up to eight live cameras, audience interaction and audio mixing. Videos can be captured on a mobile phone and fed into TVU Producer on a laptop to create graphic overlays, insert ads and send them to the channel for streaming distribution to any playout platform.
  • TVU Partyline for broadcast-quality cloud collaboration. Crew members, talent, remote guests and even fans can interact live for virtual, cloud-based events, press conferences, seminars or meetings with an unlimited number of participants.
  • TVU Remote commentator for events and live sports broadcasts. This cloud-based commentary platform enables the delivery of professional, high-quality sports and event commentary from anywhere in the world.
  • TVU One for 4K video transmission and live streaming encoding. TVU One simultaneously aggregates up to 12 data connections to provide unmatched reliability from the most remote parts of the world in the most unstable network conditions imaginable.
  • TVU Server for dedicated live video streaming. Built for low latency, high speed, efficiency and adaptability, this powerful streaming server routes and distributes IP content across multiple networks.
  • TVU G-Link for 8K point-to-point IP video transmission. Designed to deliver high-quality, low-latency video over standard Internet connections, G-Link leverages TVU’s acclaimed IS+ protocol, link aggregation and variable-bandwidth HEVC encoding, transmitting up to 300Mbps with latency of less than a second
  • TVU Rack Router for 5G with Gigabit Internet for professional transmissions. This router delivers up to 4 Gbps of secure, stable and reliable 5G Internet in the most extreme network environments. Embedded with TVU’s patented IS+ technology, the router aggregates multiple communication links including 4G, 5G, LTE, cable, satellite, Ethernet and Wi-Fi.
  • TVU Nano2 router for portable, affordable 5G-enabled wireless transmission. Using IS+ technology, Nano2 aggregates and maximizes the bandwidth of up to 6 channels including 4G, 5G, LTE, Cable, Satellite, Ethernet and Wi-Fi for robust, uninterrupted broadcast delivery out of the field.
  • TVU IoT Router for premium high-speed Internet connection from anywhere. This portable IoT router offers true cellular bonding and aggregates 2 x 4G/5G + 1 external USB + 2 WAN + 2 Wi-Fi channels. It provides hotspot functionality to provide a high-speed access point for multiple users and all types of IoT devices and networks.

TVU’s Remote Production Solution and award-winning TVU Channel platform—and the full suite of modular, microservices-based products in the TVU ecosystem—deliver the high-quality, flexible, reliable, and easy-to-deploy solutions required for live broadcast over IP are . For cloud-based production, collaboration, commentary, routing, transmission and distribution, TVU is a real game changer.

TVU Networks is a global organization with more than 3,000 customers using their IP and cloud-based workflow solutions across diverse industries including news, entertainment, sports, corporate, streaming, places of worship and government. Using AI and automation-driven technology, TVU helps broadcasters realize an efficient metadata and story-centric workflow via its TVU MediaMind platform for the ingestion, indexing, production, distribution and management of live video content. The company is at the forefront of developing the tools needed to revolutionize and streamline the media supply chain. TVU is an integral part of the operations of many of the world’s major media companies and has received the Technology and Engineering Emmy Award.

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