TV channel how and where to watch online or live stream UEFA Nations League 2022-2023 in your country for free today

UEFA Nations League

Liechtenstein meets Latvia for the UEFA Nations League 2022-2023 at the Rheinpark Stadion in Vaduz today. Read here to learn how to watch this game on TV or stream it live from your location for free.

Liechtenstein national team
© Oliver Hardt/Getty ImagesLiechtenstein national team

Liechtenstein and Latvia meet in 2022-2023 UEFA Nations League. This game takes place at Rheinpark Stadium in Vaduz today, June 14th. The home side still don’t know what it’s like to win a game in the competition and the visitors are group leaders. Here you will find all detailed information about it League of Nations Game, including how to watch it on TV or live stream in your country. You can watch this game live in the US Football TV.

Liechtenstein has three consecutive defeats in the League of Nationsthe first match during the relaunch of the competition was a 2-0 defeat by Moldova, followed by two more against Latvia 1-0 and Andorra 2-1.

Latvia as league leaders have had a great year with a winning streak since 2021 with five wins and two draws. The last game for Latvia was a 4-2 win Moldovathis was the first game in the Nations League in which Latvia conceded goals.

Liechtenstein vs Latvia: Kick-off time

Liechtenstein and Latvia play for UEFA Nations League 2022–2023 on Tuesday, June 14th at the Rheinpark Stadium in Vaduz.

Australia: 4:45 am (June 15)
Botswana: 8:45 p.m
Brazil: 3:45 p.m
Burundi: 8:45 p.m
Cameroon: 7:45 p.m
Canada: 2:45 p.m
Ethiopia: 9:45 p.m
Gambia: 6:45 p.m
Germany: 8:45 p.m
Ghana: 6:45 p.m
Ireland: 7:45 p.m
Kenya: 9:45 p.m
Latvia: 9:45 p.m
Liberia: 6:45 p.m
Liechtenstein: 8:45 p.m
Malawi: 8:45 p.m
Mauritius: 10:45 p.m
Mexico: 1:45 p.m
Namibia: 8:45 p.m
Nigeria: 7:45 p.m
Portugal: 7:45 p.m
Rwanda: 8:45 p.m
South Africa: 8:45 p.m
Sudan: 8:45 p.m
Tanzania: 9:45 p.m
Uganda: 9:45 p.m
United Kingdom: 7:45 p.m
United States: 2:45 p.m
Zambia: 8:45 p.m
Zimbabwe: 8:45 p.m

Liechtenstein vs Latvia: TV Channels and Live Streaming

Australia: Opus Sport
Botswana: Supersport OTT 8
Brazil: star+
Burundi: Supersport OTT 8
Cameroon: Supersport OTT 8
Canada: Fubo Sports Network, DAZN
Ethiopia: Supersport OTT 8
Gambia: Supersport OTT 8
Germany: DAZN
Ghana: Supersport OTT 8
Ireland: Prime Player HD
Kenya: Supersport OTT 8
Latvia: Viaplay Latvia
Liberia: Supersport OTT 8
Liechtenstein: country channel
Macau: iQiyi
Malawi: Supersport OTT 8
Mauritius: Supersport OTT 8
Mexico: Sky HD, Blue To Go video everywhere
Namibia: Supersport OTT 8
Nigeria: Supersport OTT 8
Portugal: match player
Rwanda: Supersport OTT 8
South Africa: Supersport OTT 8
Sudan: Supersport OTT 8
Tanzania: Supersport OTT 8
Uganda: Supersport OTT 8
United Kingdom: Prime Player HD
United States: ViX, Football TV
Zambia: Supersport OTT 8
Zimbabwe: Supersport OTT 8

As you can see Liechtenstein vs Latvia everywhere

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