Tulane vs Cincinnati prediction, odds, selection

The Tulane Green Wave take on the Cincinnati Bearcats. Check out our college football odds series for our Tulane Cincinnati prediction and selection.

The Tulane Green Wave has a historic opportunity here. If they win this game, they enter the AAC championship game for the first time. It would be a major breakthrough for head coach Willie Fritz’s program, who continues to impress in New Orleans and builds on his victories as head coach. The coaching carousel will start to turn in the coming weeks, and if a sporting director with an open-minded program wants to find an architect for a remodel or makeover, Fritz – based on pure merit, not the rumor mill or industry speculation – deserves a good, long look. He has patiently improved Tulane over several years, overcoming a few bumps along the way. So it is with programs that are not annually part of the national conversation. Now comes a moment that may not come in the next few years. It’s impressive that Tulane has this chance, but it’s a pressured moment because there’s no guarantee he’ll get a second chance any time soon.

Tulane had a magical moment in the college football spotlight in 1998 when the Green Wave went undefeated. 24 years have passed since this special season. That year, Tulane failed to play in an Elite New Years Bowl. Tulane had to settle for a berth in the Liberty Bowl. If Tulane can win the AAC Championship, the Green Wave could go to the Cotton Bowl. It’s a tremendous opportunity for the Green Wave.

Cincinnati made the college football playoffs last year, so this game doesn’t have the same stature or excitement compared to that semifinal against Alabama…but Cincinnati has a chance to earn their way into the AAC title game and win a Cotton Bowl play bid. That would be a wonderful result in 2022 for a team that lost nine players by the NFL draft. Luke Fickell, if he wins the AAC this year, will have done as well coaching as he did last season given the talent gap between the two squads.

Here are Tulane-Cincinnati NCAA football odds, courtesy of FanDuel.

College Football Odds: Tulane-Cincinnati Odds

Tulane Green Wave: +1.5 (-120)

Cincinnati Bear Cats: -1.5 (-102)

Over: 44.5 (-110)

Below: 44.5 (-110)

Why Tulane could be covering the spread

Tulane has a unique opportunity while it’s a relatively normal occurrence for Cincinnati under Luke Fickell. Both teams will be highly motivated, but Tulane knows this is a very special occasion for his own program. Tulane could take risks that Cincinnati isn’t willing to take. Such aggression could be rewarded in a game where the winner advances to next week’s conference championship game.


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Why Cincinnati could cover the spread

The Tulane Green Wave just a few weeks ago hosted UCF, another contender in the AAC title chase. The game was huge and the excitement was considerable. Tulane was thoroughly dubbed. That suggests the Green Wave isn’t quite ready for prime time, while Cincinnati’s familiarity with these types of situations should serve the Bearcats quite well. The spread is small, so it’s basically a pick ’em game. One should feel comfortable taking Cincy.

Final Tulane-Cincinnati prediction and selection

This is almost a pick ’em game, and Cincinnati has a proven track record of late-season showdowns. It also plays at home. Go with the Bearcats.

Final Tulane-Cincinnati prediction and selection: Cincinnati -1.5

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