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Mikey Burrows was joined by co-commentator and Wolves Hall of Fame full-back Andy Thompson and play-off finals hero Lee Naylor as they analyzed gold and black and took all three points to send the Saints on the march.

The trio also spoke about the cutting edge that Wolves are still looking for in attack and the big four games coming up in the next few weeks, as well as the recap of Wolves’ transfer deals after the window closes.

When getting the result about the performance

Thompson said, “That’s what it was about. Where we are in the league now – 14th, I just checked – it looks a bit healthier now. We didn’t concede many goals, we defended quite well in many games, but the problem we had is that we didn’t score.

“It wasn’t a classic game today but what they did, they scored that goal, they defended well and it was always difficult for a team to beat them, despite Southampton trying. But it was all about the result and making sure you get the result.

“Especially with the way things have been going and we haven’t gotten the results we wanted and being down there at the bottom pressure is building. So you’re just happy for the players who got through it, and a bit of luck with handball.”

They still show their quality

Naylor said: “It was all about winning the game but there were brilliant moments from both teams today. I really liked Southampton, they came with a plan and they gave us a lot of problems.

“Wolves stick to their guns and if you keep a clean sheet you have chances to win the game and we did that today.

“It’s difficult to change his whole dynamic from a club that’s been known at times as a back three/back five but I think we’ve done really well. We just need to fine tune what we have. If we just took our time with that last ball we would put it on a plate for the strikers to score instead of it being too much. We’ll be fine.”

About the need for a cutting edge

Thompson said: “I was listening to the pundits on TV this morning and they were talking about how wolves play and how attractive we are to the eye and that’s true. But what we’ve been missing is that edge.

“But somehow you have to get over that, and today with a bumpy goal but with a good build-up and he finished it but it wasn’t one of those screamers. But you take everything immediately, you take everything you can.

“We’re looking pretty strong defending, Kilman and Collins are playing pretty well, we’ve got Neves in front of them doing what he’s doing and then Matheus [Nunes] had his best game for Wolves today. I thought he was all over the pitch, making those runs and he was involved in scoring.

To keep the momentum going

Thompson said: “We’ve got four big games coming up now. We’ve got Liverpool, Man City, West Ham and Chelsea and they like pretty intimidating games – but they’re massive games.

“Chelsea aren’t firing on all cylinders, Liverpool aren’t firing on all cylinders, West Ham are struggling, the only team that’s doing well is Man City. If you can bring it to them, and we’re away against Chelsea, away against Liverpool, but if you can get in the doors early you can frustrate teams like that.

“They’re going through a phase where things just aren’t going right for them and I think there’s a chance for us in the next four games.”

Expenditures on the deadline

Thompson said, “They did [Boly and Dendoncker] was a big part of what happened when Nuno was here and reviving the club and getting to where they are now. But the players move on. The way Boly has gone, not showing up for a match probably looks back and it wasn’t one of the best things he’s done.

“Dendoncker probably wanted to play and he’s brought the pecking order down a bit. But you can’t blame players for wanting to play football – it’s refreshing to see players actually want to play and move on because of that.

“When it’s time for them to leave and the club want to move on, as has been the case with the new players, then things will change. That’s football. Some players probably don’t want to leave, others do, but you have to do what’s right for the club and they probably thought this was the right time for these two players.

At the summer window

Naylor said: “I think it’s great. The new signings have been brilliant, Collins and Nunes in particular, they have been great additions to this football team. I think they will do good things with Wolves because they are good players.

“If we can start scoring goals then they will be appreciated more for sure. [Keeping Neves and Traore] is definitely an asset in my eyes and now that they know they are here you will get the best out of them. Because that window is closed and that insecurity is gone, I think now they’re going to strike because they have heads.”

Thompson added, “We were a bit apprehensive and worried early in the window, but they brought in quality players.”

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