TradeCaster Review 2023 | The premier live streaming platform for all traders

TradeCaster Review 2023 | Is TradeCaster right for me?

TradeCaster is really suitable for every type of trader. Beginners and advanced traders in particular will appreciate the ease with which they can learn from professional traders. Intermediate and professional traders will enjoy streaming their trading sessions, teaching others and making money at the same time.

Whether you’re interested in learning from others or making money by streaming yourself, TradeCaster could be a great platform for you.

Read on to learn more about TradeCaster’s founder, Sean Dekmar (aka Dekmar Trades), how it works, and its key features.
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Who is TradeCaster founder Sean Dekmark?

Sean Dekmark is best known for his YouTube channel and website, Dekmar Trades, and his more recent venture, TradeCaster.

After notable trading success in stocks – $85,000 profit in his first year – Dekmar has enjoyed sharing his trading strategies with others. He decided that TradeCaster would be a great platform not only for his own streams but also to allow others to stream. This led to the creation of TradeCaster, which bills itself as the world’s first live streaming platform for traders.

How does TradeCaster work?

TradeCaster works pretty simply as it is similar to other streaming platforms. Everyone can set up their own room for live streams and there is a chat where viewers can get in touch with the streamer.

While some rooms are free to view, others require a TradeCaster membership. Many of the best and most sought after traders are not included for free.

For people who stream their trading sessions, they can make money once they average 100 daily viewers or more. At this point, they can join TradeCaster’s payout program and start earning commissions.

According to the calculator provided on the TradeCaster website, a streamer could make around $5,000 per month using TradeCaster by streaming one hour a day, twenty days a month with 5,000 daily views. That’s pretty good money for streaming, which is what you’d do anyway (albeit with a more interactive element).

TradeCaster Features

TradeCaster has several features that make it one of the best live streaming platforms for trading, including:

  • Stream top traders – Being able to easily stream so many different top traders is a huge benefit for anyone learning how to trade successfully.
  • Real-time Alerts – By subscribing to a specific retailer, you’ll receive handy notifications when that retailer starts a stream. While many traders trade on a fairly constant schedule, these notifications are a great way to catch your favorite trader’s stream.
  • Chat Rooms – Almost everyone who has used a live stream knows how important the chat function is for two-way interaction with the streamer. You can learn from others and exchange ideas using the chat rooms that accompany each stream.
  • video library – TradeCaster offers a video library of trading tutorials, especially day trading. There are also video recaps and lessons that traders can archive along with their streams. Some videos require membership.
  • Benefits of Dekmar Trades – Because TradeCaster was developed out of Dekmar Trades, members receive a number of benefits from Sean Dekmar himself, including the Dekmar Trades morning newsletter and personal messaging with Sean.

TradeCaster Pricing and Plans

TradeCaster is not cheap. While you can enjoy some basic resources and streams without a membership, you may feel frustrated that you can’t stream the top traders.

TradeCaster’s fee structure is also a little strange. You pay the lowest amount if you opt for the semi-annual payment; However, you usually pay the least if you choose to pay annually.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • $119/month | Monthly billing ($1,428 annually)
  • $99/month | Billed semi-annually ($1,190 per year)
  • $108/month | Annual billing ($1,299 annually)

As you can see, it’s over $100 more per year if you pay annually instead of semi-annually.

Is TradeCaster worth it?

TradeCaster is a great platform to explore. New and intermediate traders can learn a lot from more experienced traders who stream, and streamers with a certain following can monetize their trading sessions. It’s a win-win for everyone, isn’t it?

Yes and no. TradeCaster is a great idea, but membership doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it may be well out of reach for many beginner and advanced traders who would likely benefit most from it.

In any case, Sean Dekmar (aka Dekmar Trades) had a great idea with TradeCaster, and it’s worth checking out.

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