Tips to become a detective in the game

BitLife simulator offers you many career and life options from which to choose your desired options. In the game you can become anything you want to be. Starting from one Actor, carpenter, bartender, detective, etc., etc., there are so many that we can wish to become in BitLife Simulator. Some of the players have desire to become investigators and investigate crime scenes. For these, becoming an in-game detective is the best career option. In this guide we will discuss how to become a detective in BitLife Simulator.

How to become a detective in BitLife Simulator

Statistics Requirements

To become a detective in BitLife Simulator, the first thing you need to do is check your smart stats. Smarts stats above 90 are preferable Fulfillment of the primary requirement. To get your smarts stats high, you can often visit the library, read books, and get good grades by studying harder in your school and college life. Here’s how to maintain your smarts stats.

Take your driver’s license test

In BitLife Simulator, taking your driver’s license test is very important because it will work wonders while you find jobs. The driver’s license test will appear when you are up 16 years old if you just graduated from high school.

A random street sign will appear and ask you what the sign says. If you answer the question correctly, you will successfully pass the driving test, but if you fail, you will have to take the driving test again by going to Manage Licenses possibility in the game.

Choosing the right course of study at the university

Now many players face this dilemma when choosing the right major to acquire a detective profession. criminal justice is the best course you can choose here to get a lot of experience related to criminology. If you can’t find the major that suits you, the reason could be your low smart stats or you’ve been unlucky. In this case, look for the courses that offer you a law degree. Study harder and work hard to get good grades.

Apply for the job

Now that you’ve graduated, you should start looking for jobs that offer you job roles as Jr. Detective or Jr. Private Investigator. Apply for the same if you are lucky enough to find one of these job roles and crack the interview to land your dream job Jr. detective.

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A Jr. Detective or a Jr. Investigator then needs 10 years of experience to eventually become a Sr. Detective. Detective’s job is a very well paid job and you can definitely enjoy getting involved in solving mysteries and eliminating crimes in your city.

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