Tips for using the Bruiser class

multiversus, The hugely popular platform brawler from the Warner Brothers and Player First games features many characters that all play so incredibly differently. As a matter of fact, MultiVersus’ The newest, Lebron James, is unlike any other character on the list.

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To categorize them a little, the characters are divided into different ones classes such as Tank, Assassin, Support, Mage, and bleeders. Bruisers like Garnet, Batman, Jake, Shaggy, Taz, and Lebron are particularly interesting, so let’s go into more detail on how they work and how players should “meet” those types of playable characters.

4 They’re kind of a “hybrid” class

While Bruisers are their own unique class, many of them play as if they are multiple classes. For example, Lebron is a bruiser, yes, but he also has some supporting character mechanics with his passing both offensively and defensively. Meanwhile, Garnet is also a bruiser (and part of free character rotation) but as heavy as a tank with a standard heavy armor combo. The main commonality between the Bruisers is that they are inconsistent, so it’s actually more beneficial to think of them as entirely unique characters.

Players will want to play around with all of the Bruisers, test all of their Normals, fool around with their Specials, and see how “natural” they feel to pick them up and play them. Some bruisers even get more mechanically complicated the better someone knows how to use them, like Batman, while others remain relatively simple, relying only on good reflexes and relatively smart decisions, like Shaggy.

3 Normal attacks are their bread & butter

Another commonality that most bruisers have is that their basic attacks, not their special attacks, mesh exceptionally well and all feel very natural. Or, if their specials are part of their combos, in a way that connects two separate combos. The only two outliers to this design principle are Jake, whose stretchy powers and floating properties make him play a little differently (and that’s also his weakness), and Lebron James, who technically has two “sets” of normals with and without his basketball (the fans refer to as his LeBall condition and his LeHands condition).

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Still, Bruisers (on average) seem to thrive best when aggressively chasing their opponent, using their Air, Ground, and Charged Normals to combine for massive damage. That’s not to say that their specials aren’t good or useful, just that they aren’t as much a “central” part of their combos as they would be for a mage or support character. Take Shaggy for example, his normals are all so insanely overpowered that he doesn’t even need to use one of his specials to KO opponents (although many players spam his). Chiller Instinct Kick anyway). Bruisers can absolutely play around their specials if they want to, but their normals are what they play around their specials with.

2 They are The Frontline & The Finisher

in the MultiVersus, the different classes may separate the characters, but at the end of the day, they all just jump into one big dog poo. However, Bruisers seem to be the class most consciously designed to be “in the thick of things”. So if a bruiser is on a team with a support, the bruiser should expect to be in the front line against enemies while the support has the option to, well, back them up.

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In that sense, Bruisers are all pretty good at KOs too. Taz has his slam wich and feed the beastBatman has his Bat Kick and bat slideGarnet has them crystal combo and starburstJake has his Hambone brake and you fought for and Shaggy has his Like Knee Strike and down man. Even Lebron James, the bruiser thought to have the fewest KO moves, has slowly found that more of his moves are stronger than they originally appeared.

1 Play with her gimmick and use it against the enemy

And finally, because the Bruisers play so differently, players need to figure out where their “gimmick” lies. For example:

  • taz
    based around
    Tasty stacks
    as well as all of its movements, which have relatively fast animations. This allows anyone to pick him up and have a good time, and also allows him to constantly hold on to an opponent and pressurize them fairly easily.

  • Batman
    based entirely on his gadgets like his
    Batarang, grappling hook
    (if it doesn’t work against him) and
    smoke bomb
    but it depends on how he combines with these gadgets in between.

  • garnet
    The gimmick relies on their attacks being slower and having larger updrafts but using this to hit the enemies in unique ways such as blasting. B. her two-piece
    crystal combo
    or her star pattern

  • jake
    is all about fending off enemies with his weird, stretchy attacks and punishing them when they react badly.

  • And finally,
    based entirely on his
    with his
    and lots of small hits with his normals to ultimately benefit with a dunk when the enemy is off guard.

Basically, that’s all to say that it’s important to learn what each character’s “gimmick” is and how best to use it against the opponents. Garnet players will use their weight advantage against the enemy and push forward, while Batman players will carefully choose their moments to either gadget the enemy or capitalize on a long combo. Just because they’re all bruisers doesn’t mean they all have the same playstyle, so players will need to approach each one differently if they want to “master” them.

MultiVersus is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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