Tips for happy women

Women have to take their happiness into their own hands. Here are some expert-approved tips from Dr. Rashi Agarwal to be happy.

The mental health narrative is changing in India, but slowly. Women tend to be at the end of this spectrum. Thanks to social media and other platforms, people are speaking much louder about their mental health than they used to before the Covid-19 pandemic. But the gender difference in mental health needs to be emphasized. In India, women face significant psychosocial pressures that lead to the emergence of multiple mental health problems.

A study published in the Journal of The Scientific Society found that these pressures create unwanted and hidden psychological weight and need to be addressed. In an exclusive conversation with Health Shots, Dr. Rashi Agarwal on how important it is to find happiness in the little things in life and how to be happy.

Tips for happy women

As you start growing up or getting older, things get more and more complicated with additional responsibilities. So, these tips could help you keep your mental health in check.

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1. Treat your children equally

Believe it or not, there is still a huge gap when it comes to equal opportunities for women. To address issues like these, it’s important to start the change at home. dr Rashi encourages families to treat their children equally.

“Every other generation of women should be better off than the one before. It makes me happy to see that every child is given equal educational opportunities. When this girl grows up, she will be happy, which will automatically take the stress out of life,” adds Dr. Rashi added.

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2. Take time for yourself

No matter how busy you are or what your responsibilities are, Dr. Rashi that you should take time for yourself. Sometimes people try to stop you or other things can become a hurdle, but make it a point to do something you enjoy. “Even if it’s just 15 minutes of listening to music or sleeping or exercising. Do what makes you happy.”

3. Choose your battles wisely

In your life you will go through a multitude of problems and struggles, but you cannot win them all. “Choose your battles wisely. Life isn’t a cakewalk, but we need to be smart about the battles we want to fight and the ones we want to leave behind. Trying to cope with everything will only stress you out,” she says.

4. Your sleep is very important

Sleep is very important, especially for young women. sleep is your best friend At 21 you might not realize it, but it is. Gradually, as your body changes, you realize the importance of sleep. Find out how much sleep is important to you, but getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep is important, expert recommends.

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5. Healthy diet and lifestyle

No, one should not underestimate the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. It can help you deal with many things and if it doesn’t help you can try other things. Meditation can change your life. Therapy doesn’t hurt either. No matter how big or small the problem is, there is no harm in therapy. according to dr Rashi basics include a good sleep schedule, a healthy diet, and the occasional junk food if you can’t do without it. You also need to create a comfort zone that makes you happy. For example, if you love to dance, make sure you include it in your routine.

Take control of your happiness with these tips and take the first step towards a healthy mind and life!

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