Tips for defeating the Ender Dragon

Minecraft has its fair share of bosses and mini-bosses, but compared to the intimidating Warden and Wither, none is more universally feared than the Ender Dragon. The ender dragon was part of the game from the beginning as the survival mode was designed to have a specific ultimate goal for the players. Minecraft 1.0.0, the game’s first full release, debuted the Ender Dragon and the deadly dimension of The End.

Although the ultimate challenge of defeating the ender dragon has been in the game since the first full release of Minecraft, it remains one of the most difficult fights. That said, there’s a wealth of tips and tricks that players have collected over the years for beating the ever-evolving combat with Ender Dragon.


6/6 Build an obsidian base

Having a place to regenerate health and swap out weapons and armor is more than necessary when it comes to fighting the ender dragon. The ending is littered with endermen, and the ender dragon never stops attacking the player, so regenerating health and finding a place to rest is not easy.

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All in all, players can build a small base out of obsidian to store their extra items and take cover from the ender dragon. The dragon can destroy almost any block, rendering most human-made structures useless, but obsidian is one of the exceptions to this rule.

5/6 Decide to fight with bow and arrow

Bow and Arrow Minecraft (1)

The Ender Dragon spends most of its time flying around in the air, regenerating its health through the various pillars of obsidian that contain End Crystals at the top. This makes swordplay more difficult as players have to constantly wait for the dragon to sit at the end portal in the center of the island to land solid hits. Using a bow and arrow as their primary weapon means players can both shoot the dragon as it flies around in the air and destroy the end crystals, which will continue to regenerate the end dragon’s health.

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Magical a bow with Flame I, Infinity I or Power V can benefit players fighting the dragon. The dragon is immune to all status effects, hence the different types of status-impairing arrows Minecraft will not affect or aid the outcome of the Ender Dragon battle.

4/6 Collect beds

bed minecraft (1)

It is not recommended that players choose to sword fight once the dragon is seated as it is much easier and more efficient to try to blow up the dragon with beds. Since Minecraft contains a game mechanic that explodes beds in dimensions like the Nether and End, many have used this to their advantage to unleash powerful explosions on the Ender Dragon while he is seated.

Players can keep a few Beds ready, and more in a chest either down in the Keep or in their Obsidian Base, to use as powerful explosives against the Ender Dragon.

3/6 Bring Enderpearls

End Bead Minecraft (1)

The final island is in the middle of the void, with nothing under or next to the island. It’s not difficult to get knocked off the edge of the island, either accidentally or by an attack from the ender dragon. In order not to be thrown over the edge and lose valuable items to the void surrounding the island, players should have a large amount of ender pearls on hand.

Ender Pearls are a requirement to craft the Eye Of Ender, which grants access to The End dimension, so it’s likely that players will have some leftovers from killing Endermen. If not, the end island is covered in endermen that players can slowly pick up to farm pearls from.

2/6 Carry a carved pumpkin

pumpkin head minecraft (1)

One of the most overlooked aspects of The End is the abundance of endermen. Rhey are not immediately aggressive towards players, only attacking when hit or when a player looks them in the eye. Because of this, many overlook them as a threat in the fight against the Ender Dragon.

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However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and swamped by Endermen completely accidentally. If players are more likely to die to endermen than to the dragons, it might be best if they wear a carved pumpkin on their head. Wearing the Carved Pumpkin will make players immune to Endermen attacking them if they look into the neutral mob’s eyes, making it slightly easier to dodge a swarm of Endermen attacking the player at any point.

1/6 Bring a bucket of water

Water Bucket Minecraft (1)

The ender dragon often attacks with their wings, which can throw players to deadly heights or even off the end island. If players are caught off guard, this could be the end of their battle, especially since players must be lifted off the ground to climb the obsidian pillars and destroy each of the end crystals. This gives the dragon ample opportunity to knock them off their tower to their deaths.

However, there is a simple solution to survive this attack. If you have a few water buckets handy, the player can quickly place water under them before hitting the ground. This allows players to survive falls that would otherwise have been completely fatal. Although the Water Bucket Clutch is a little tricky to master, once players get the hang of it, it will be of tremendous help in their battle with the Ender Dragon.

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