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Thymesia is brutally tough, incredibly fast, and will absolutely make you cry if you’re not careful, or you can use our Thymesia walkthrough. To get you through and make you a truly deadly plague doctor, you’ll need some Thymesia tips and tricks to get you through. Luckily for you, we’ve pressed on and fought our way through so we can offer you some life-saving advice.

Before we even get into proper Thymesia tips and tricks, we’re going to give you one for free: pay attention during the tutorial. There are lots of little mechanics to learn (like parrying), and while you can find your own playstyle once you’re comfortable with Covus’ abilities, you’ll need to gain a basic understanding first.


Each of these Thymesia tips and tricks aims to make you a better player. Although they’re primarily aimed at helping you get into the game faster, you’ll find yourself repeating yourself throughout your journey. So make sure you memorize them if you wish for a slightly simpler time of things.

White Health and Blue Health

Thymesia uses a unique health system that requires you to deplete two separate health bars before defeating her. The first is the white health bar, which is depleted by weapon damage (saber attacks, most plague weapons) as well as deflections. Dealing weapon damage builds up wounds on the enemy, represented by the blue health bar.

Wounds/blue health are reduced by claw damage (claw attacks, some plague weapons). An enemy cannot be executed until their blue health is completely gone, and if you don’t deal claw damage fast enough, the enemy’s wounds will begin to heal, restoring their white health and forcing you to start the process over.

Shard farming skill

Skill Shards are a material used to unlock and upgrade yours plague weapons. They are dropped by higher level enemies, most of which will not respawn if you rest at a bonfire. To farm a specific shard, identify which level has the quickest access to the enemy you’re looking for, then load into the level, kill the enemy, then go back to the bonfire and exit to start the process over start. In my experience, it seems that reaving enemies (aka using the fully charged Claw attack) results in better shard drop rates.


experience farming

Although talent points are capped at level 25, you can level Corvus well beyond that for 10,400 storage per level. If you are struggling and need to farm some memory, consider the following two tiers:

Sea of ​​Trees 3 (Fool God Boss Level): This level features a “boss fight” against the Fool God, but it’s more of an obstacle course leading to a few thousand experience points. You’ll have to weave your way past a series of enemies and poison sacs while dodging the boss’s attacks, but if you’re just looking for the memory reward you can actually just run past everything to get to the end in a little under 2 Protocol. You can even use the Miasma Plague Weapon (dropped by Odur) to speed up your dash animation and get through the level even faster. This earns you around 4000 experience and requires no battles!

Sea of ​​Trees 5 (Mutated Odur Boss Level): Alternatively, if you’re strong enough to reliably defeat him, Mutated Odur is a fairly easy boss with just a health bar and no pre-battle level. You can cheese him fairly easily with the fully updated bow and javelin sword plague weapon combo and earn just over 6000 stores in 1-2 minutes. Plus, even if you die, you just spawn right outside the boss room. Happy hunting!

Check areas with lock-on

Thymesia, like so many Soulslikes, loves a good jump scare. During your journey you will encounter enemies slumped in corners, lying down, sitting on the ground and hiding behind curves. While this little trick won’t let you spot them all, it pays to use your lock-on button often when confronted with a new area. Much of the game is intentionally hard to watch, and the lockdown will cut through everything to ensure you get a little more information.

Break down barriers, buckets, barrels and boxes


There’s a lot of wood in Thymesia, y’all, and you can and should hit or dodge every wooden thing you see. So much of the scenery can be disassembled, and lots of wooden barriers and crates are hiding things for you to find. Sometimes it’s just a guy with an ax sitting between boxes like an old man catching up with his friends, but other times it’s new items or a shortcut. Speaking of…

Circle back on yourself

When entering a new area, your first task is always exploration. Thymesia loves to throw multiple routes at you at once, and it can get incredibly confusing if you’re not careful. Most of the time, though, it also offers you shortcuts as long as you pay attention. The easiest way to find many of these is to remember where you’ve been and try to follow new paths that lead back in the same direction. You’ll often find doors to open or ladders to step down, serving as a shortcut to your next journey.

Talents can be unlearned

As you level up in Thymesia, you will unlock new talent points. Each of these can be used to customize your version of Corvus, and you can specialize in claw attacks, specific types of dodges, or even allow you to regain health with certain attacks. But perhaps most importantly, you can re-spec these as many times as you like for free. This takes away a lot of the choice paralysis you often encounter in ARPGs, because if you don’t like how something feels or works, you can easily change it.

Long claw for bosses, short claw for exploring


You’ll probably find your own preferences on this topic pretty quickly, but we’ve got some claw-based advice for you. If you upgrade your claw attack via the talents, you have two options. Either a long claw attack that deals big damage and can bleed enemies, or a short claw attack that’s incredibly fast, makes you stronger, and steals a bit of health with each hit if you have enough buffs. In our experience, the long claw is excellent against bosses, who often have more super armor than normal enemies and doesn’t falter from the short claw attacks, and the bleed effect helps maintain your DPS. Meanwhile, the short claw attack, and especially its ability to heal you, works better against standard enemies, and if you can find a weak enemy to rip into, you can explore longer.

Predatory Claw Often

Speaking of claws, the Predator Claw is an ability that lets you steal the plague weapon attached to any enemy you hit with it. It also does a ton of damage, but one of its coolest perks is that it can occasionally knock plague weapon shards out of enemies. These can be used to unlock new plague weapons and then upgrade them, which can help you expand your playstyle even further. So make sure you use the Predator Claw often to boost those secondary attacks.

You can respect after the first boss

The last entry in our Thymesia tips and tricks is that while you can always re-spec your talents, not the same with your level-ups. However, once you defeat the first boss, you’ll unlock the ability to repeat your stats and an item to do so. These items are a bit rare so don’t be too harsh on them, but it’s a good opportunity to boost your build a bit once you’re a little more familiar with the game.

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