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  • There’s nothing in the trash
  • Tamers with screens are optional

When it comes to monster catching games, there is a huge world to explore with different ecosystems temtem. You start out in a small forest town, but will soon tear up the waterfront and scale mountains.

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You have to brave all these environments to challenge different tamers to continue your search and find the rarest Temtem. It’s a long journey that will only get longer as there is so much to discover. Still, there are ways to streamline the exploration process so you don’t end up spending too much time hanging around in one place.

Be careful what you say

As with many RPGs, it’s a natural instinct to go upstairs and talk to everyone you see. Whether it’s getting background information, details about a quest, or even an item, it makes sense to have a conversation. However, Temtem is a bit more restrictive when chatting.


When you talk to someone, chances are they will offer you multiple choices in response. Based on what you say You can alienate the person and cut off their dialogue entirely. So make sure to listen to what they say before you answer!

There’s nothing in the trash

While Pokemon and other RPGs may have taught the idea that items can be hidden in furniture and trash cans, Temtem is not. There are many things to interact with in terms of facilities and objectsbut these serve a specific function.

Admission is free almost every building that has a door and talk to the dwellers inside if you like. If you walk in uninvited hoping to find healing items hidden in their junk and closets, you’re out of luck – and should just leave them to their NPC routines.

Wear lots of scents

Random encounters are the cornerstone of classic turn-based RPGs, and they’re alive and well in Temtem. In the wild, Temtem can attack you in tall grass, but if you’re on water or in a cave-like area, all the ground is clear for everyone. The encounter rate can vary from low to extremely high, which can be tiring.

Of course, the opportunity to train and catch new Temtem is welcome, you don’t want to drain everything in areas with a lot of tough tamers. To help Buy lots of scents that can be used to lower the encounter rate. Conveniently, if one is empty, you can immediately use another.

Always have smoke bombs

Free health care has carried over to the Temtem universe, where all your little buddies can be instantly healed in places called Temporia. As you travel, you’ll come across temporia that are both the size of buildings and small roadside stalls.

Even so, there will be times when there will be long stretches between them, so you must do that Rely on everything you have to keep your Temtem healthy. That’s why the Smoke Bomb is so handy. if you use it You will be immediately transported to the last visited temporium eliminating a lot of backtracking.

Tamers with screens are optional

A big part of Temtem proves you’re the best tamer like no one has ever been. To do this, you’ll have to challenge the tamers along the road and battle the pros hanging around the dojo. Tamers looking for a fight are pretty easy to spot, They usually stand still in one place, waiting to spot you or for you to talk to them.

Still, there is one type of tamer that isn’t particularly vigilant, and that’s the on-screen observers. They attract attention by looking at their light blue holographic screens, and they will completely ignore you. If you’re looking for a way with fewer fights, try getting past these guys.

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