Tips and tricks for beginners in F1 Manager 2022

F1 Manager 2022 is the first sports management game in 22 years centered around the world of Formula 1. Although F1 Manager 2022 has the enormous task of filling in the footsteps of the previous game, it does a good job of portraying the thrill that comes with managing the fast-paced world of racing. However, as is the case with any management game, F1 Manager can easily overwhelm you with all of its mechanics, features, and everything else in between.

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With the plethora of icons, stats, and menus, along with all the other bells and whistles to dig through, it becomes pretty easy to get lost and miss certain important things to look out for in the game. With that in mind, here are some essential tips to help you get your management game to the max.


10 The pause button: your friend in need

The world of F1 team management can seem a bit daunting at first – you will strategize, make decisions and sometimes face failure. The first thing to remember is that this game doesn’t work in real time. What that means is simple – take your time and absorb whatever it throws at you.

This is where the pause button comes into play. It lets you essentially pause everything to examine how your choices are working and make further choices accordingly. If this is your first time playing this game, try to understand all the details presented on the pause screen and make educated decisions and changes to your strategy to stay ahead.

9 Attack, attack, attack!

With everything thrown at you in F1 Manager, taking the races slowly and trying to manage all your resources seems like a good option. However, that’s not really the best course of action – at least not every time. When it comes to the races, controlling your pace and attacking is often far more effective than going from conservative to a balanced pace.

Of course, it’s important to adjust the pace to the situation at hand. You shouldn’t be aggressive when stuck between cars, but try to be on the aggressive side whenever possible. It’s important to be aware of the wear and tear on your drivetrain components that accompanies aggressiveness – the best practice to minimize this would be to ride on old parts in practice, have some spares and save the best parts for the race.

8th Your investments are important

In this game your money is your everything. Whether it’s upgrading equipment or manufacturing new parts, you must make a conscious effort to be smart with your finances. The general rule here is: Only spend your money on things that are of immediate use to you.

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You must understand that while every facility or part is beneficial, some are better than others and this is where you want to spend your money first. It’s also important to have extra parts, so be careful never to overspend to make buying spares easier.

7 Be generous with tests

In F1 Manager 2022 you will be given a specific assignment to add to CFD and Wind Tunnel lessons as part of your car’s aerodynamic tests. Always focus on these tests as they are useful to improve your car in a meaningful way.

However, what the game does poorly explain is how the CFD and wind tunnel points don’t carry over to the next time frame however and when that may be. Therefore, you might think that spending all your points at once is a bad idea, which is certainly not the case. You need to be as generous as possible when allocating points to your car, as these can make a huge difference in its characteristics – and give you an edge on the track.

6 Never skip exercise sessions

As you design your journey in F1 Manager, you may be tempted by the option to simply simulate your practice sessions. However, making the effort to complete the workouts is a great way to earn performance and car part bonuses, which can be crucial in climbing your way to the top.

Not to mention, the longer your practice runs, the faster your racer will get used to the track and the better you can optimize your car’s performance. So you should never miss your practice sessions.

5 Never underestimate good research

It can never be overstated how with a little research you can dramatically increase your control over the races. By looking at future events, circuits and all ongoing goals, you can plan your race much better.

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You can control the number of pit stops to be distributed and how long it will take to complete the stops. You can avoid the element of surprise that comes with a change in the weather by checking beforehand. The greener you see on your car’s stats page before a race, the better you’ll do. Not only that, it also helps in the development of parts that can give you the best results in future races.

4 Practicing aggressive play isn’t really worth it

As important as it is to attack and be aggressive during races, it’s just as important to determine if it’s worth doing the same in practice.

This may seem counterintuitive at first, but considering it’s better to be aggressive when racing, training should focus on building your rider’s confidence, getting used to the track, making adjustments and making the best possible ones to create setups. Attacking and aggressive driving will just burn your parts. If you choose to practice this way, it is recommended that you use old parts and keep a set of spares for the real deal.

3 Manage your strategies well

Managing your strategies is without a doubt one of the most entertaining parts of this game. Each race will give you a set of recommended strategies to help you complete your races and achieve some goals. However, this denies you the thrill of experimentation.

Editing and pacing them can transform your gaming experience tremendously. Not only that, the in-race prompts are important, as you can decide whether to pit and reposition your driver, or if the situation is in your favor, stay on track a little longer. Such things make your strategies seem much more dynamic and worth experimenting with.

2 Keep an eye on tire wear

If there’s one thing to watch out for in this game, it’s your tires. Tire life is certainly one of the most important aspects to manage. Attacking can also burn your tires, so knowing when to be aggressive or conservative is crucial to finish each race.

Here’s the simple rule of thumb you need to remember to extend the life of your tires – be aggressive when you’re in light traffic and save when you’re stuck between cars. Look out for this chart under Pace Commands to make the best decisions and effectively extend the life of your tires.

1 Think about your goals

Winning is always fun, but is it always the best course of action? This is a question that you must keep asking yourself while playing F1 Manager 2022. Goals are one of the most rewarding activities in this game, and they can get your career on the fast track.

You’ll need to make sure you complete the objectives available on the Home tab from time to time so you can reap some sweet rewards and bonuses. Not to mention that following the goals is important to keep your sponsors happy and ensure the steady flow of moolah from their side.

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