Tips and tricks for beginners in An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire

The Elder Scrolls series has been a mainstay in gaming for decades, with its major titles becoming definitive entries in the fantasy RPG genre. Though you’ve probably already visited the cold and harsh lands of Skyrim or the breathtaking swamplands of Morrowind, you may have yet to discover the Battlespire.

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An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire is an ancient spin-off set in Battlespire, where young hopefuls like you face one final test to become Imperial battlemages. With the game’s release on Xbox Game Pass, new players can take on the challenges of the Battlespire and take on Mehrunes Dagon’s Daedric shenanigans. With a few handy beginner tips, you might find it easier to get back to Tamriel in one piece.


10 Review existing courses before your first run

It may seem like a lot, but you should check out the 18 classes available before making your choice. This will introduce you to many skills, perks, and cons that come into play early in the game. Once you get a feel for things and see which ones suit your playstyle, you can either pick one (and tweak it however you like) or create your own class.

Finding the build you like is essential to gameplay, and classes don’t work like they did in later titles like Elder Scrolls Online. The guide recommends Spellsword or Battlemage as an easy place to start, although you can always branch out if there are specific attributes you want to focus on or leave aside.

9 Take your time distributing points and skills

When you create your class, you start with a base of 4,700 free points, 50 points in wounds, and 50 points in each category (strength, endurance, luck, etc.). Wounds must always be at least 50, but you can actually lower everything else to zero if you want to prioritize certain aspects.

While this may seem like an overwhelming number at first, it’s extremely useful for creating a very personalized build. For your first run, it’s best to be generous with your point allocation for wounds, especially since you can’t rest or buy potions in the game. Stealth isn’t implemented well here either, so you might want to focus on other styles.

Finally, decide on the points you’re putting into the skills, especially if you’re creating a custom class where you choose every major and minor skill bonus on top of your primary skills.

8th Focus on attributes instead of skills

It may feel natural to want to put all of your points into your skills, as they are literally your tools of the trade. However, the effectiveness of your skills is directly tied to the number of points you have in the corresponding attributes.

Sure, you’ll want to put enough points on skills and perks, but the main focus should be on your attributes. Your skills will naturally improve as you play, so the more you use them, the higher they will increase. Attributes are static until you add points, so you should start strong and fill them up every time you complete a level. This inherently increases the power of your abilities.

7 Save a few points on character creation

While not necessary, leaving just a few unused points after character creation can be beneficial to you. Despite the game’s unforgiving nature, the first level is fairly survivable, giving you plenty of room to figure out which attributes you really want to put more points into. Don’t feel obligated to use up everything when creating your character.

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Not only does this technique give you some wiggle room, but it also helps you easily improve your most-used skills. This way you have a larger pool of points to spend on “upgrades” before you reach the next level. Note that points don’t carry over after the first level, so you should use up all your points here and all subsequent points every time you complete a stage.

6 Don’t be afraid of disadvantages

You might think it’s unwise to give your character limitations that ultimately affect their overall strength, but giving yourself disadvantages at the character creation stage can actually give you a lot more points to start with. The game basically allows you to choose strengths and weaknesses that can turn the tide of the game.

It’s actually not a huge sacrifice if you already have a specific build in mind. The game is pretty generous with the number of points you get for choosing cons, especially when adding forbidden weapons that your character can’t use. In return, you’ll get thousands of points that you can use to buff up your character’s attributes and wounds early on. You can also spend the extra points on helpful perks like health regeneration and immunity. Considering how tiring the game can be once you get into the dungeons, you want to get as many points as possible in the beginning.

5 Rebind your controls

Battlespire is more than two decades old, so it’s going to feel dated in many ways. While many old games stand the test of time, the controls can feel very choppy.

The camera leaves a lot to be desired, and the button mappings for movements and actions are, to say the least, messy. Even if you want the “vanilla” experience, you should rebind character movement and show buttons to have a more enjoyable time. This allows you to focus on other gameplay elements such as: B. holding the jump button to determine how far forward you jump, using mouse movement to wield weapons, and using quick slots.

4 Hunt those sigils and potions

As you make your way through seemingly endless dungeons, you’ll be confronted with the terrifying fact that there are no vendors, no ways to rest and regain your health and magicka. So whenever you get the chance, grab those sigils and potions.

Hoarding isn’t the best way here, so it’s best to use sigils and potions, even just to level up your skills. Once you find a recovery potion, use it to gain as much health as possible. Many dangers lurk in every corner.

3 Keep in mind that time doesn’t stop while you check your inventory

If you’re used to quietly checking your inventory and knowing that the whole world will stand still while you rummage through it, you need to know that the clock ticks on in Battlespire. Its friendly and other residents will remain in place, but other factors will not.

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Any time-based effects you may be betting on will continue to run even if you’re just on the inventory screen. Make sure you really pause the game if you want to. Buffs or debuffs will otherwise continue to count down.

2 Consider talking to your enemies

This game can be difficult, especially if your character is still in the early stages of protagonist power. Even as you improve your skills and attributes, even tougher challenges await you. The good thing is that you can talk to any enemy you encounter and get a truce of sorts.

Though you may be itching to hack and slash, the diplomatic route can save your skin in dire moments. The various enemy dialogues can be fun, interesting, and helpful, especially since you can make some enemies fight others hard if you use the right words. Just don’t expect talking to be a surefire hit every time, especially when you encounter more dangerous beings down the line.

1 Watch out for mistakes!

It wouldn’t be an Elder Scrolls game without its mysterious magic, wondrous lore, and, well, annoying bugs. Remember all the fun bugs that made Skyrim more memorable? Be ready to face tons of different problems while playing this game.

Checking your inventory, jumping on a wall, saving in certain spots, and many other random triggers can cause your game to freeze. Pressing Escape sometimes fixes this. Other bugs are less annoying, like cutting off NPCs and self-damaging enemies. Sometimes the game crashes or bothers you. For these, you might want to lower the resolution — yes, even if your PC is anything but a potato.

If you are just starting out, you need to understand that you will definitely encounter at least one error. Think of it as another trick from that pesky Mehrunes Dagon.

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