Tinder India’s post on relationships inspires meme fest

In the weird world of the internet, anything can become meme material. Earlier this week, one of Tinder India’s Twitter posts about relationships created a new meme format.

In the hilarious post mimicking that Expectation vs. Reality, the online dating portal shared a picture of a sundae with the lid closed. Next to it was a picture of the same sundae with the lid open. However, instead of ice cream, garlic and green chillies were stored in it.

The picture of the closed sundae, representing hope and excitement, was captioned “when you start talking to them,” while the open sundae with chilies and garlic was captioned, “but they’re still talking about their ex.”

This simple but relatable tweet about the “talking stage” in a relationship soon had netizens sharing their own take on the sundae pics.

Using the format, one Twitter user wrote: “When you see them or when you start talking to them”. Comment on the latest Feud between Falguni Pathak and Neha Kakkaranother person wrote: “Maine Payal Hai Chankai vs. O Sajna”.

Not only individuals but even brands participated in this impromptu meme fest. Testbook, a competitive test prep site, wrote: “When you study in a group vs. your performance on the test afterwards”.

This isn’t the first time an unwitting tweet has sparked a spate of memes or a Twitter trend. In August, netizens turned advice from a financial guru into a trend of people posting about what they wanted to achieve “At 30”.

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