Three cryptocurrency projects fight the bear market in 2023: Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), Polkadot (DOT) and Big Eyes (BIG)

The Cryptoverse is getting bigger every day. From presales to veterans, it’s difficult to know which coins are worth checking out. Today we will highlight three projects worth your attention. PolkaDot was a favorite during the last bull run, although it underperformed for many, while Big Eyes came under scrutiny from investors as yet another meme coin. The Orbeon protocol is currently in pre-sale, with ORBN’s price expected to be 60x higher in the coming weeks.

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Big eyes (BIG)

Big Eyes (BIG) powers the Big Eyes Crypto Cathouse, which the Big Eyes team says is “the ultimate meme coin platform.” The project believes that “cute is currency” and features adorable animated cats with big eyes. Big Eyes is currently in phase 6 of its pre-sale and has raised an impressive $10 million.

Although it is unclear if the team has been fully doped, they have been verified by CoinSniper. Big Eyes can be bought with either ETH or BNB, meaning more potential buying pressure. While Big Eyes’ future is unclear, the project is making a lot of noise and is worth keeping at least one of your eyes on.

Polka Dot (POINT)

A previous top 10 cryptocurrency, PolkaDot (DOT) is often viewed as a competitor to Cardano (ADA). Polkadot ranks 11th by market cap, and it will be interesting to see if buying pressure can bring Polkadot back into that top 10.

PolkaDot is committed to multichain functionality through unique blockchains called parachains. Polkadot is well below the coin’s all-time high of $55. However, this could spell a significant upside for Polkadot in the years to come, especially as most believe it has yet to reach its full potential. Analysts think Polkadot is worth a look.

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Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Unlike Big Eyes, the Orbeon Protocol has shown real, valuable applications that will stimulate creativity in different sectors. While meme coins are fun, they are not sustainable in the long term. The Orbeon Protocol doesn’t need to rely on memes as it adds value in other ways.

The Orbeon Protocol acts as a decentralized investment platform that mints NFTs, which represent the equity of early-stage companies seeking crowdfunding, allowing fractional investments in these companies to start as low as $1. By cutting out the middleman, the Orbeon Protocol is changing how crowdfunding and venture capital work, allowing everyday investors to access the venture capital market while startups can raise capital quickly and efficiently.

The main feature of the Orbeon protocol is the “Fill or Kill” mechanism built into the smart contract. If a fundraising round falls short, this mechanism automatically returns the vested funds to investors. On other platforms, investors often need clarification. But with the Orbeon Protocol, they can rest assured that their investments are protected.

The Orbeon ecosystem includes a wallet, exchange, exchange, and metaverse powered by the ORBN token. ORBN token holders can enjoy benefits such as governance, staking, trading fee discounts, and more.

Orbeon Protocol’s total supply is 888,000,000 at a presale price of $0.014. However, this low introductory price is only expected to last for a while as market experts expect it to rise by 6000% to $0.24 per token in the near future. Additionally, the Orbeon protocol has built-in investor protection with ten years of locked liquidity and one year of locked team tokens. The team behind the Orbeon Protocol is also fully visible – unlike Big Eyes Coin which does not offer this level of transparency – adding an extra layer of security to the Orbeon Protocol.

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